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Monday, 9 June 2008

My challenge to myself, completed

On Saturday evening Chris came out to play, we crafted at mine until 3am Sunday morning.. easy done when you get engrossed in LO's and altering 'STUFF'.. Chris' LO's are gorgeous you will get to see them on her blog soon.
Earlier that day Chris made me 2 ATC's which I have fallen love with.. big thank you Chris... x... here they are. Chris' take on paper Babushka dolls
Are they gorgeous or are they gorgeous??. Chris showed us on Fiskarettes (link on the right) last week how to make them as stand up dolls but then went that one step further knowing I loved the 2 dolls she had made and my love of ATC's.

On Sundays post I set myself a challenge (Mad Woman) to make ATC's out of some card I nearly put in the bin (please see Sunday's Post) here they are.I will say it wasn't easy to work with such a busy background but I was pleased with the first 2 eventually, they sought of grew on me.These next 2 are 'my take' on 'Chris' take' IYKWIM...LOL and I am thrilled with them even if I say so myself.... mine look more like grown up many of you remember them?

I made myself a template for the Dolls and well the rest is history.
On the doll ATC's I used 2 of the backgrounds ATC's on each ATC...LOL did you get that.
If you want to take on the challenge of creating your own paper Babushka doll ATC I will email you my template... this offer will be open until WEDNESDAY ...all you have to do is use the smallest doll... there are 4 sizes on the template... make up an ATC and send me it in an email and they will shown here on Friday.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Welcome home Linda I will answer your email asap. :)) And welcome home Dottie.

Luv Chriss x


Anonymous said...

Wow Chrissi..they are gorgeous:)

Denise said...

Definitely gorgeous, Chriss! Stunning in fact. Thanks for sharing! Welcome home Dottie!

Linda said...

Hi Chriss, I love your latest work - especially those backgrounds! The 'pear shape' Russian Doll ATCs are gorgeous too.
Its taken me some time to catch up on your blog, but I've enjoyed it! Those Dottie ATCs are fab (I'm still laughing over Karen's)
Love Linda xx

sharon said...

Please Please email me the template! I collect Russian dolls (have about 60!) so really want to join in with this!! I'm so excited! (can you tell?!)

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with the almost thrown background beautiful work .love from sesga xx

Jaqi said...

Oh, I love what you have done with these, I would love a copy of your template, and I hope Dottie arrived home safely, Jaqi x

Susan said...

Chriss, these are fabulous! I have fond memories of Russian Dolls from when I was a kid. I would love the template, though alas I may not get anything done by Wednesday. We're madly packing here...moving in 10 days now....arghh

Bunny B said...

Love those! So pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo way to go missus... loving your dolls and the backgrounds are ace!!
Chris xx