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Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Monday, 30 June 2008

where in the world is dottie

WOW, look at these pics dont you just wish you were there?????

No doubt you have guessed by now just where Dottie is and if you click on HERE you will see a map of the country she has travelled to.
Click on HERE and HERE to reveal who are hosting Dottie for her holiday.
wish I was with her.
Enjoy yourself Dottie.
Luv Chriss x

Dottie is on her travels again

Sorry I was unable to post over the weekend I was staying at my daughters (she insisted I go as I haven't been well medication kicking in and getting there and thank you to all your emails wishing me well) and although I have my laptop with me Blogger wasnt at all friendly until late last night.

Our picture of Dottie indicates that our very own ATC Queen herself is off on another adventure holiday today to stay as a guest with one of our club members.
She was soooo excited when she set off this morning.
Dottie will let you know just where in the world she is between 8 and 9 this evening.
Until then Happy Crafting
Luv Chriss x

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Every Path Has It's Puddle

I love this ATC it is so natural and it was one of the set of 5 that Jaqi made for her 1st attempt.
Thank you Jaqi for joining the club you brought all of us some great entertainment when Dottie came to stay with you... you went down in blogger history as we had readers popping over just to find out what she got up to next and must say we were all on the edge of our seats.
Wonder where Dottie is going next.
I have been tagged and so tomorrow I must answer my questions... 3 x's I have been tagged this week....don't think they like
Have a lovely evening ..and oh yeh, Happy Birthday to my friend Doug who is out for a meal for 2 with Beverly...enjoy luv Chriss x

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

the denim look

Now can you believe this.... you will see some resemblance to the post below.... however this one is mine for the gingham challenge.
The weekend I did mine I did stay over at Chris' for a crafting weekend but I promise you we were not like two schoolgirls copying homework... I arrived with some stash knowing what I was going to do and Chris already had her stash together knowing what she was going to do.. lol crafter's think alike.
I used a denim embossing powder around the outside and it really does look like denim.
Again the images are linked in the post below.
This little princess is so gorgeous I have used her again in the header over at The Paper Girls HERE where you can see even more of these fab images plus a whole lot more. Dont blame me if you spend your pocket money, 'cos you will.
Luv Chriss n Dottie xx

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

cookie crumbles

Every time I look at this little thing she has me laughing out loud, she is soooo funny
I wouldn't like to take that cookie off her.
Chris (nice to see you back at ur blog :))made this one for the gingham swap'
Love the background paper chris (your own design) and the arrows too.
There are more in this series coming over the weeks.
Thanks as we have some fab gingham ATC's coming up.
Find these GORGEOUS images HERE
Luv Chriss n Dottie xx
Paper girls here xx

Monday, 23 June 2008

blue gingham

There is something about blue gingham to me always looks so fresh and crisp.
This unusual use of dressmaking pins and words was created by Terrie her link is on the right hand side of the page....keep looking she has another 3 coming soon.
If you haven't been over to Terrie's blog its well worth a visit she creates some amazing cards and scrap booking layouts.
Thank you for taking on the challenge Terrie plus would like to say it was great to see you have joined the Tanda Forum Andrew Alex and the girls are sooo friendly.
Talking about Tanda.... the winner of the Fabulous Retro Lady stamps is Denise in S.Africa...Well done Denise, ENJOY as they are gorgeous and thank you to Tanda.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Ticket to ride

This 'Ticket to ride' gingham ATC was sent in by Tina, possibly most of you will know that Tina is on the Design Team for Karen over at Scrapz and if you haven't seen any of her amazing work, You really must and then you will know why she is, why not pop over and have a look on Tina's blog... please see our blog roll further down. Thanx for taking on the challenge Tina.
Don't forget the blog Candy on the last post closes tomorrow.
Please pop over to see what 'The Paper Girls' are up to HERE .
Dottie is still reading up on her holiday destination and grooming herself to meet her new hostess.
hope you have all had a good weekend and the weather has been better than it has here in the N.East.
Luv Chris n Dottie xx

Friday, 20 June 2008

Lets hand it to you and blog candy

Just to remind you how I came up with this challenge of playing around with stamps and inks after seeing a magazine featuring a female covered in 'body art' I Drew around my own hand and inked and stamped away and must say I was pleased with the out come. Thanx for joining in. x Jaqi can be found HERE some of you will remember her for blogging a fun packed adventures of Dottie and Fireman Sam, what D got upto was soooo funny the camera work was brilliant... hard act to follow.... you will find out soon where she is secret at the moment... Below is Jaqi's hand it's quite romantic to say the least ...a single solitaire on her wedding finger and that guy he's hot! thanks for sharing him Jaqi. x
The male stamps used on the above hand (apart from the pocket watch, i have had that about 8yrs now) were ordered on Thursday afternoon and arrived through my letter box at 10am today... how good is that. Thanx Karen
I enjoyed playing with them and am looking forward to making ATC's with them over the weekend.
scroll down for more hands and blog candy.
Fiona caught the bug and produced 2 hands she said she could get hooked on them. The cat hand Purrfect Fiona along with the blue butterfly 1 below some lovely stamps used ...glad you enjoyed doing them. Thanx for taking part.

I had so much fun with this face stamp it arrived in the post today and I just couldn't wait to have a play. Iwill defo be playing with it some more over the weekend. thanx Karen for getting it here sooo quick.

Oh Linda, AKA The Blue Eyed Girl, you have used some fabulous stamps on your hand love the blues you have used too. Thank you for taking on the challenge and glad you enjoyed it too.
Please visit Carol HERE she has stamped away at 4 great hands and put them on her blog
Huge thank you for taking part girls.
Below we have this brilliant set of Retro Women stamps our blog candy from Tanda Stamps and a fab set it is too, I chose it especially.
Now to be in with a chance all you have to do is pop along HERE and find the price of 'The ATC Set 3' rubber stamps.

The drill as always is to please Email at with the the answer and please leave a comment for me ...closes at 4pm Monday.
Thank you so much for taking part and GOOD LUCK to you all.
Have a great weekend.
Luv Chriss n Dottie xx
Dottie is looking for some more outfits for her holiday adventure coming up very soon.
Look out for issue 16 of 'Lets Make Cards' we the club are to be featured in it...we have invited LMC readers to join us in our monthly challenge for July. The Title being 'Let's Face It' .....It would seem that Arty Girlz an we were on the same wave length here as I have noticed that you had 'Faces' for your theme last week.... LOL, too late for us to change it as it had already gone to print.... good minds think alike. HAGW xx
Why not pop over and see what the paper girls have been up to HERE

Thursday, 19 June 2008

voodoo vixen has a secret

Here we have the start of our Gingham challenge swaps to be shown ...we start off with Annettes also known as voodoo-vixen. At first glance you may think this is a lovely little house where gingham was used re the challenge however in the next pic of it you will see it opens by gently pulling the 2 ends apart opens up to reveal a hidden message.
How clever is that? If you were lucky enough to receive one of Annettes ATC's how lucky you are ...sadly I wasn't... boo hoo.
If you would like to have ago at making one why not pop over to Annettes blog listed on the right in my favourites and you can see how to make them, you will also see a whole blog full of gorgeous crafts.
thanx Annette for taking on our challenge.
love Chriss n Dottie xx
Blog candy tomorrow see post below and the Hand challenge.. if you still want to have ago please email it to me at this address
as my MSN is on strike today :(
more ATC's can be seen today over at

Blog Candy #5

Just a little reminder... tomorrow is blog candy day look at this wonderful 'Retro Women' set from 'Tanda Stamps'.... it's up for grabs.
come back tomorrow to try for it.

GOOD LUCK Chriss x Dottie x

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

altered CD holder

I thought today I would share with you a double blank CD holder which I altered for DGS to his dad for Father's day, isn't he gorgeous but then i'm biased. lol
If you would like to see other altered
Pieces why not hop over to 'the paper girls blog'
where we have a team of crafters who are sharing their love of paper and craft ideas.

see below for hand reminder challenge

Hand reminder challenge

Hi, Dont forget the Hand challenge for Friday we have had some fabulous hands arriving by email .. Please keep them coming and they will all be shown here on Friday and dont forget we have some great blog candy rubber stamps and as always you just have to go to the site who kindly donated them to us and answer a simple question to be in with a chance of owning them.

chriss x

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Saamis Tepee

Here is the last in the Tranquility ATC's
I took this photo whilst on holiday in Canada staying with Denise just months after my dad lost his life to cancer.

The visit to this fabulous piece of ART gave me so much peace and healing in my heart that day, it is the most amazing structure and if you are ever in Medicine Hat you really must visit it... take a picnic.

I TRIED to distress the photo and the tiny holes around the pic are to remind me of moccasins...this is one of those times when what was is in my head didn't quite come to life. lol. Has anyone else had the same problem? lol

Just south of the Trans-Canada Highway and overlooking the Blackfoot buffalo jump, is the world's tallest teepee, the "Saamis Tepee". Designed for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary as a symbol of Canada's Aboriginal heritage, it was moved to Medicine Hat in 1991. It stands over 20 stories high and was designed to withstand extreme temperatures and winds up to 240 km/h (150 mph). During a January 2007 windstorm, a portion of the tepee was damaged. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that extensive weathering was partially to blame. After repairs were complete, the Saamis Tepee now stands approximately 15 feet shorter.

The name "Medicine Hat" is the English translation of 'Saamis' (SA-MUS)- the Blackfoot word for the eagle tail feather headdress worn by medicine men - or 'Medicine Hat'. Several legends are associated with the name from a mythical merman river serpent named Soy-yee-daa-bee, the creator, who appeared to a hunter and instructed him to sacrifice his wife in order to obtain mystical powers which were manifest in a special hat. Another legend tells of a battle long ago between the Blackfeet and the Cree in which a retreating "Medicine Man" lost his headdress in the South Saskatchewan River.

Hope the above is of some interest, thanx for finding it for me Denise. xx

There is still time to enter 'the hand' challenge I am thrilled with the response it has had. See Post Below.

Another great Blog to visit is for inspiration.

thanx for reading.

Luv Chriss x Dottie x, who by the way is reading up on a certain town as she is off on another adventure holiday on the 28th of June and so designer heads on again please.

we are just waiting for a few of the other fashion show ATC swaps to arrive so we can make the swap. xx

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Matryoshka a beautiful word

Rosie sent me these today she said she just had to have ago and I am so pleased she did they are both so arty, thanx for sharing them with Rosie.
Anyone else still wanting to have a go please just email me them.
I had an Email today from a lady by the name of Larrie and this is what she wrote.

Hi Chris,
I've just been surfing for ideas for an monthly techniques ATC swap I host on trimcraft forum and I saw your Russian dolls. Would you mind if I listed this as an idea for a swap and did I read there is a template?
With your permission I would post your site as inspiration and information.

Yours crafting

Thank you Larrie for your email and no we don't mind you using them.. I will email you.
They are going to breeding lol.... ARE THEY ABOUT TO TAKE OVER BLOGGER?
.... these are the 2 little ladies that started all of this off...just thought I would remind you what they look like. :))
The 1st one below is Chris' she gave it to me as a pressie and I just had to have a go and it all just went crazy after that :))))
My Russian Doll below...followed by a little something I have been playing with today.. my challenge for this week :))) I was reading a magazine with a female covered in artistic tattoos and it gave me this idea....I drew around my hand and just went for it with the ink pads and the stamps (you want to see the mess of my kitchen). The female stamps used
are from the Retro Women set 1 from Tandas Stamps.. You can check them out by clicking on the logo on the right. My challenge to you this week is to have ago doing the same ...send us your hands by email and we will put them on the blog on Friday.
Because this was scanned it really doesnt show off the lovely gold pen doodles, if i get a better pic I will change it over.
Thank you to all who took on the RD challenge it made my week.:)
I would love for you to join in again this week.

thanx Chriss x
please check out our new blog if you have the time click on this link
go to post below and click on the hand to get a better look.

'the hand'

Click on to enlarge and get a better look as the post above does'nt give much detail.chriss x

Saturday, 14 June 2008

100th post give away.

Sorry I am unable to add any images from my computer ...Mr Blogger just wont let me today.

I have been trying most of the day and now I am giving it up as a bad job.
Has anyone else had the same problem as me.
I had a nice surprise today when Louise popped over to say I had won some blog candy ...OMG you just have to see how.... I mean 'who' chose the winner's of the BC you just wont believe it.. original is our Louise in every way.
And while she popped over to tell me I had won little did SHE know her name had been drawn to win the 100th post.
Louise you are to receive a selection of ribbons and Dottie on her very own Gothic Arch... I will be sad to see her go she is gorgeous.. looks like we are swapping addresses. lol.
Sorry can't show you a piccie of it but you could look in the archives.
Our Dottie as you all know went off to Jaqi's for her first adventure holiday and it was suggested Dottie may need a passport and as promised one lucky person's Dottie ATC has been picked out of my 'pringles tube' not very original sorry... I picked number 7 and outfit number seven on the catwalk was....ALL THE WAY FROM DUBAI ... well done Denise :))).
Denise you get to have that outfit on D's passport for 1 year then it will be renewed.
You know I was willing mine NOT to come out as I would have had to put it back... this was one time I was pleased I didn't win..LOL.
D is off on her travels again at the end of the month... oh I wish I could tell you where but where's the fun in that.
Another blog challenge is coming your way late Sunday night providing Mr Blogger is playing and I can show some pics!!.
The make my day awards that I have to pass on goes to you all it is impossible to pick individuals with that award as all of you make my day just by being the person you are the time you give to blogging and comments and taking part in challenges, supporting others..each and everyone of you make my day. THANKYOU.
Chriss xxxx Dottie is out on the town tonight so I wont get an early night I will have to wait up for her..... I thought those days of not being able to sleep 'til they were home were over. lol
Yarm is one of the hottest nights out around, people come for miles to have a night out here one of the Princes not so long ago...hey you don't think she will get herself mixed up with the Royals do you?
Knowing our Dottie anything is possible.
Hope to be able to report with pics tomorrow...Good Night. xxxxxxx

Friday, 13 June 2008

Russian doll challenge

After doing my take on the Russian dolls I set you a challenge to have ago thanx for those that had the time to take part.
I receved this little snippet of information from a friend he just thought I should know....
Hi Chrissy just a small point.. I see the Babushka cards..
Babushka in Russian is "old woman" and is a little derogatory in its use. I think that you are referring to the Russian nesting dolls.. the Russian word is Matryoshka The word "Babooshka" doll appeared for a while because the word "matryona" is associated with a very large and fat Russian woman. Babooshka doll is rather a slang term for the nested doll and is not correct... wanting to put the record straight, with my new Russian connections, possibly you could tell the blog.... .... :-))))) There you have just told them yourself. LOL Thanks for the lesson :))

The 1st Russian doll ATC 'From Russia With Love'.... was sent by Sharron and she has a huge collection showing on her blog.
the music one is mine it just reminds me of someone special and so added my pic to it as well.

The two above are Terrie's you will always know Terries work by her use of stitching and staples, thanx so much Terrie, is the Top one a stamp? Guess who just had to have ago....yes, Dottie herself... I wonder if that message is for someone by the name of Sam!!
ok thats the first lot please just scroll down for some more.for some reason if you click onto the music one it will take you to sharrons clever am I?

Russian dolls 2

Hello Linda you have been busy the next 3 belong to you.
How Cute is he???? and he has hie wings too
and this special little Prince isn't he just gorgeous???
Linda emailed me saying she was hooked on making them...they are kinda collectable.... and we have Chris on Fiskarettes who started all this off...hi Chris I know you wanted to have a go but something cropped up... never mind you can drool over this lot. Scroll down for a few more.

russian dolls 3

This golden boy I just had to do after watching Linda's being delivered. lol Our last 2 pics are of the same card just to show you the doll template thanx again Terrie she too was on a roll...its really, really beautiful.
Thats it for today and hope you enjoyed.

Have a few announcements to make tomorrow see you then.

thanx for stopping by.

Chriss x Dottie x have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

quote from the Kung Fu tv series

A beautiful Tranquility ATC from Jackie Western
this is taken from the Kung Fu TV series episode 20 starring David Carradine please click on and enlarge to see the true beauty of this ATC
'Master, I am troubled.' - Caine
'Why?' - Master Kan

'My parents are long dead. General Chung is tumbled from his arrogance and power. Yet within me, anger boils as water in a heated pot.' - Caine
'Observe the daisy. Each morning with the warmth of the sun it opens in lovely blossom. Each night it closes.' - Master Kan
'I do not understand. What has a flower to do with my anger.' - Caine
'Once your anger warmed you and like the flower, you opened to it. That is long past. It is night.' - Master Kan
'Am I then to do nothing? Feel nothing? Be still?' - Caine

A carpenter could use it. The heart of a wise man is tranquil and still. Thus it is the mirror of heaven and earth. The glass of everything. Be like still water. You look into it and see yourself.'"
"Is it not better to embrace the living than to avenge the dead?" - Caine
Hey that brings back memories for me... i didnt miss an episode, starring David Caradine
Thanx for sharing Jackie.
Love Chriss n Dottie (who is missing Sam, Jaqi and Family) xx

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

New Blog

Just to let you know what this mornings post was about... scroll below.
This evening I am excited to announce that I have opened another blog...YES I WILL STILL KEEPING THIS ONE GOING.
The new blog is a showcase for both manufacturers and retailers and the team have been creating some great 'STUFF' which we hope you will enjoy the 'ribbon dispenser' I posted today being one of them...that project can be seen on the fiskarettes blog, their link is on the right.
Normal services will go ahead here tomorrow...please visit this link and meet the team and see what they have come up with. :))

'once you pop you can't stop'

Morning, add image button is once again working... and now you are asking yourself WHY is Chriss showing you this... all will be revealed later :)))

thanx for stopping by.

chriss n dottie xx

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Sorry unable to add any images tonight just cant get the image finder to open for me.
will try again later.
chriss x
cannot get the font to change either :((

Monday, 9 June 2008

Clarice Cliff blog candy winner... scroll down for todays post.

Hi Terrie you are our lucky winner of those fab CC ATC's signed by the artist Sue Law, Thanx for leaving your comment and playing along with our fun blog candy draw.
Thanx Sue for the 1st ATC's made with this new range you have designed.
These Fab CC stamps can be purchased at Tanda Stamps the link is on the right, Tanda shop.
Tanda also do custom made stamps.. and if can't find what it is you are looking for or you would like your own words on a stamp, your own ATC backing stamp in your design then just get in touch with either Andrew or Alex... I have been very pleased with all mine that they have made for me in clear unmounted... and at a good price too.
PLEASE scroll down for the rest of todays post.
Chriss x

My challenge to myself, completed

On Saturday evening Chris came out to play, we crafted at mine until 3am Sunday morning.. easy done when you get engrossed in LO's and altering 'STUFF'.. Chris' LO's are gorgeous you will get to see them on her blog soon.
Earlier that day Chris made me 2 ATC's which I have fallen love with.. big thank you Chris... x... here they are. Chris' take on paper Babushka dolls
Are they gorgeous or are they gorgeous??. Chris showed us on Fiskarettes (link on the right) last week how to make them as stand up dolls but then went that one step further knowing I loved the 2 dolls she had made and my love of ATC's.

On Sundays post I set myself a challenge (Mad Woman) to make ATC's out of some card I nearly put in the bin (please see Sunday's Post) here they are.I will say it wasn't easy to work with such a busy background but I was pleased with the first 2 eventually, they sought of grew on me.These next 2 are 'my take' on 'Chris' take' IYKWIM...LOL and I am thrilled with them even if I say so myself.... mine look more like grown up many of you remember them?

I made myself a template for the Dolls and well the rest is history.
On the doll ATC's I used 2 of the backgrounds ATC's on each ATC...LOL did you get that.
If you want to take on the challenge of creating your own paper Babushka doll ATC I will email you my template... this offer will be open until WEDNESDAY ...all you have to do is use the smallest doll... there are 4 sizes on the template... make up an ATC and send me it in an email and they will shown here on Friday.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Welcome home Linda I will answer your email asap. :)) And welcome home Dottie.

Luv Chriss x