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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Meet Mimi


I am Mimi the new member of the family and I am the reason my mummy didn't blog on Thursday night as promised.... I gave her such a fright

I went off to see Mark my vet on Thursday afternoon if ever you need a vet and you live near to me I recommend Mark he is soooo nice...well as I was saying I am the reason mummy didn't post your challenge.... I had my second vaccination and was very poorly after it ...I was sick on Thursday night and I still keep falling asleep and I am off my food too.... and every time mummy moves away from me I just follow her so she has been nursing me for 3 days and I am loving it. ;)

If you are wondering what I am..besides being one spoiled pup I am a daddy is a Pug and my biological mummy is a Shitz Tzu... My mummy Chriss is so pleased I am not a Shit-Pug although I lived up to that name for sometime when I came to live with Marley and her.... b4 coming to live here I had some other parents who chose me from the litter but 12 weeks later they decided they no longer wanted me :(... and my Auntie Cheryl my mums daughter cunningly asked Claire my foster mum if she could borrow me for a little while just so she could show me off to Chriss...who by the way NEVER, NEVER, NEVER wanted a dog and the rest is history Mummy fell in love with me in seconds....well who could blame her after all I am gorgeous.
So to date I have had A biological mummy, parents who kept me from the litter, my foster mum Claire who looked after me until I was adopted by Mummy Chriss and Marley.
We have been very busy toilet training and it is soooo hard work believe me but I think mummy is really pleased with me 'cos she keeps telling me I am a 'good girl'.
I have been learning all about Artist Trading Cards and here is a glimpse of what July's challenge is about .... we know we are late but we will put that right and catch up... thank you for all the lovely comments.

The above ATC is the inside of one from Linda's challenge isn't it amazing...all will be revealed.
Hope that you have all had a great weekend.

Thursday, 22 July 2010



Unable to explain my reasons for being late in posting... but can say in less than a year I am forced to move house again... hope that you understand... stuff has not been good but I am back to blogging once more.
Sorry for letting you down.

I will be back this evening with your challenge for July and of course it will be extended due to being posted late... Do come back and join in with it, it is a fab challenge...set by linda... you will love it.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

sorry cannot upload this months challenge


It's the first of the month and I should be here with a fab new monthly challenge for July

BUT Mr Blogger is playing games and will not let me me put my pics on.

Will keep trying throughout the day.

The challenge is set by a very talented lady you are going to love it and if you are lucky enough to get one of hers you will be thrilled.

As soon as I have managed to upload I will email our members.