Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards.

Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

lets face it and our new look Blog

Lets Face it Home is Where the Heart is was created by Victoria as well as the ATC below Lets face it may not always be easy, but it will always be worth it.. nice sentiment Victoria

The above two ATC's are the creations of Marilyn she has used Crafty Individuals images. thank you Marilyn.

The above four ATC's are the artistic work of Sandra they have a very romantic look to them, thank you Sandra for taking part.

Our Dottie

Our Dottie is missing Sam, Sam is her holiday romance she met whilst staying with Jaqi earlier this year.... Dottie asked if she could go and visit him and Jaqi said she would be delighted for her to go.

Stay tuned and we will let you know which day she is going.

Dottie update... D is on her way to see Sam, Jaqi and family today 31st October in time for Halloween.

Well I have been having a play with our blog as you can see... a change is as good as a rest so they say... I came across this new FREE blog skin over HERE ....Martine is the creative lady behind it.

Thank you sooo much Martine.

November Challenge is FASHION closing date 30th Nov.

New Look Blog

I am in the middle of changing the look of 'The Artist Trading Club' blog.. it will take a little time to complete the new look as it's me we are talking about rofpmsl..
thanx Chriss x

Monday, 27 October 2008

More Lets Face It Challenge atc's and facts about me

Denise South Africa
Thanx for the above ATC's girls they are all so different on the same theme brilliant. They will be with you very soon.
Nearly at the end of our Lets Face it ATC's By the end of this week should see the final few.
We will then be showing the Music ATC's.
The 31st is the last day for the Breast Cancer Awareness ATC's ...lots of pink.. please.
The November theme is ''Fashion'' to be with me by the 30th November. Anyone wishing to join in please email me.

So sorry Denise in South Africa you gave me this fabulous award a while back and I forgot to pass it on and as most of you already have this award I can only apologise to Denise for not naming blogs at the time.
Sorry Denise. x
Some time back Linda Tagged me and I forgot all about it 'till now...sorry Linda

So here are 5 random facts about me...
1. I have been at the Cesarean birth of 2 of my 8 gorgeous grandchildren.

2. I have had 34 house moves since I was born.

3. My favourite flower is a daisy.

4. I have almost 100 greeting cards in print

5. One day 5yrs ago a friend invited me out for a coffee he picked me up drove me to Tees side Airport we climbed into a 4 man plane and flew to the other side of York had a coffee b4 returning back home. I will never forget that. We still remain firm friends today. (Hi Doug how did Bev's birthday bash go on Friday)
Thanx for reading
Chriss x

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sesga's Fairy tale.

Here we have one of the Fairy tale ATC's which I was unable to show last month as I couldn't scan it due to it being 3D.
Since DGD Jordie had her 16th birthday on the 6th Oct, one of her pressies was a fabulous digi camera..(what you doing with the one you got for xmas last year Jordie...hint hint)
She is now gathering pix for her school port folio to work towards her college entrance.. these are some she took for me.

This unusual ATC was hand made by Sesga from air dry clay she is a Button Fairy, the ATC that is, not Sesga... lol...although Sesga is JUST AS GORGEOUS. Why not pop over and check out her blog she has some amazing 50's stuff. click on HERE

WOW, this is Jordie playing with light.. I like what she has achieved.
Thank you Jord. ''Love You loads'' is what I told her after taking the pics... for me ''LOVE YOU MORE'' is how she answered... she has said that to me since she was a tot.
Thanx Sesga for taking part.
You can see some of Jordie's other pic's she took of an altered box I made over HERE
love chriss x

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

still more ''lets face it'' ATC's

Another 2 feom Sharon, she recycled and altered pix from a magazine ...Very clever Sharon, thank you.

The pretty pink with the dragonfly is from Sue Law aTandastamp forum Friend...I hope that you can see that Sue has printed the image out on velum. Thanx Sue.

How clever are these 2 ATC's the silver mirror card represents a mirror so that when you look into it the words are about you.
Thank you Linda Hodgson.

I think those marks must be off my scanner?? SORRY
Up date on the above ATC's I have tried scanning them again after cleaning the glass on the scanner bed... there is no difference... it must just be the glare from the mirror card.
Here we have another 2 of Annettes Face of an Angel..lovely images ..thanx Annette.
Well it's 06;10 and I am off to bed ....couldn't sleep so have been making a few ATC's will share them with you soon.
Another update just a snippet of an arch I did and if you want to see the rest why not pop over HERE
chriss x

Monday, 20 October 2008

Jaqi's favourite dish

Hope you have all had a great weekend and thank you for our Birthday Wishes....
A very short post today, sorry as I am on my way out to my daughters.
So have decided to just upload these 2 drop dead gorgeous ATC's from Jaqi....
Jaqi was sooo kind in case I didn't get either of them in the swap she made me 2 of them and even personalised them for lucky am thank you Jaqi.
lets face it I have to agree with her they are both Dishy and Handsome... don't you agree ladies?
So just the 2 to let you D R O O L over them.
Until tomorrow
chriss x

Thursday, 16 October 2008

2 share same Birthday

Happy Birthday to DGS and me yes we share the same birthday.... he started big school in Sept he is 5 today and me well lets just say I am a little older. lol.
Look what arrived in the post today from Elaine Hacker our winner of our last blog candy rubber stamps ...she loved our ATC Queen Dottie.
Isn't she just gorgeous.
Thank You Elaine.
Chriss n Dottie xx

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Fabulous free goodies

Would you just feast your eyes on this, its ''the new kit on the block'' the 'Hello Beautiful' collection designed by Terri Conrad over at Websters Pages What a brilliant give away! You will receive the complete collection of papers PLUS a pack of the new journaling cards PLUS a pack of the new message cards! Guess what...No Body has this collection yet....not even their amazing design team!
Today Brandin has announced there will be several winners picked in this round so to be in with a chance pop over and leave a comment for her. Good Luck, Chriss x

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Even more 'lets face it ATC's'

Hello everyone, Hope you had a good weekend I managed a little Crafting,, my mojo went a walkies...AWOL. hope it's back tomorrow.
Jackie's 2 are just clowning around and I must say they are just gorgeous in the flesh
Rosalyn from Newcastle N Ireland says ''lets face it enjoy your summer holidays and days at the beach''. Rosalyn I have been to Newcastle for the day.
Chriss, The background ledger stamp is a new one from Crafty Individuals...sorry they are a wee bit crooked...I have not been drinking honestly.
Elizabeth..I have heard of the saying 'cat among the pigeons' but this cat is hiding amongst the the stamp Elizabeth.
Victoria, says Lets face it ''I can't pass up a great sale and lets face it Chocolates and credit cards what more does a woman want.'' lol. Possibly a few hundred thousand think that way too.

Just want to say thank you to anyone who read the post below and went over to vote on the Altered Envelope Challenge a winner has been voted by you...why not pop over and see who won.

A little reminder about our club challenge for Oct the theme being Breast Cancer Awareness sooo lots of pink please... closing date 31st October.
thanx still more LFI ATC's to come. Have a good Monday. Chriss x

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Lets Face It Challenge entries and some fun!

OK, First off we have another yearbook of me this time 'cos Linda requested seeing me with an Afro so here you go. rofpmsl.

Now more of our Lets face it ATC's and our 1st 2 are so gorgeous reminds me of chocolate boxes from the past.. they were created by Annette..thanx Annette.
Man O Man from Paula who lives in Brunei...I still see Brunei coming up on the live traffic feed....nice to know you are looking in on us :)) A BIG wave to you Paula hope that you are settling in. x
I recognise the images used in the next 2 ATC's as Crafty individuals they were created by Marilyn of Darlington just a few miles from me. Hello Marilyn. Thank you for entering.

Hello Denise from Dubai except you are not there at the moment... you are traveling Canada for a month... yours and Stuarts Silver Wedding pressie to each other. Enjoy those fab craft stores if you manage to get Stuart near them.... LOL...Your 2 ATC's below are gorgeous in the flesh, you have clear embossed them and the one on the right has copper embossing around the edges...sorry the scanner didn't pick up on the detail.
Big Hello also to our other Denise in South Africa this time...I am loving the gorgeous bling that come with these 2 lovely ladies. Thank you Denise x Still more Lets Face It ATC's to come so stay tuned next week.

OK what are these I hear you ask..little tease snippets from what??? Read on... :))
If you click on HERE you will see 19 fabulous entries to a challenge set on the papergirls blog... the challenge was to alter a c6 envelope which must include a cutting in the form of a picture from a magazine/newspaper etc... choice of media was up to the Artist why not pop over and place your vote for your Fave envie. But read the rest of this post first or you will miss the best bits. lol

Well I have saved the best 'til last .. in my opinion...ROFLMAO.... you all know how Dottie likes to get in everywhere...well take a look at her... lol
I have laffffed 'til my insides ache,

Have a great weekend everyone. Chriss x

Saturday, 4 October 2008

More Lets Face It Challenge and freebies

Hi, Some more of our great Lets Face It ATC's for you to look at and maybe inspired from...the first 2 are from Michelle I am in love with them as they are my fave colours that I love to work with thanks Michelle.

Below are 2 of Sandra's ATC's on each of them she has used beautiful female images Lets face It they are gorgeous. Thanks Sandra.
Elizabeth created the 2 below I'm loving the background on the one on the right ...think you all know by now I love backgrounds. Thanks Elizabeth.
Are you game for a laffffff??? Cos our friend Chris has found a fun web site where you get to see what you looked like in the past...just by uploading a front facing photo of yourself and choosing different hairstyles from different era's... well I know a few of you have had a go and well I had to too as there is no show without Punch ..I mean I need to play too... besides it's good for the face muscles... Try out this site and have some fun too

So here is my first one.. what do you think??? aren't I gorgeous some how that hairstyle has me looking like corries beauty Kim Marsh...can you see the resemblance... no, come on look closer you will see it... rofpmsl

Not keen on this one makes me look like my older brother.... its 1968 and I did have that hair style...any one else had that one.

This one is way back in the early sixties never had that hairstyle and never intend to either.

The last one is the 70's and I did have the perm for a while and the fly away collars...anyone remember them...think they are known as vintage now.

I had great fun doing these pics why not have a go ..come back and tell when you blog them and I will come take a look.

thanks for reading...still more Lets Face it ATC's to come...if you missed the start of them just scroll down to catch up.

A little reminder that the challenge for October is 'Breast Cancer Awareness month sooooo please lots of pink pink pink.

Almost forgot... do you like freebies... cause you do...well just click on here and you can check out the 'free stuff' that Chris is giving away. Chriss X