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Monday, 27 October 2008

More Lets Face It Challenge atc's and facts about me

Denise South Africa
Thanx for the above ATC's girls they are all so different on the same theme brilliant. They will be with you very soon.
Nearly at the end of our Lets Face it ATC's By the end of this week should see the final few.
We will then be showing the Music ATC's.
The 31st is the last day for the Breast Cancer Awareness ATC's ...lots of pink.. please.
The November theme is ''Fashion'' to be with me by the 30th November. Anyone wishing to join in please email me.

So sorry Denise in South Africa you gave me this fabulous award a while back and I forgot to pass it on and as most of you already have this award I can only apologise to Denise for not naming blogs at the time.
Sorry Denise. x
Some time back Linda Tagged me and I forgot all about it 'till now...sorry Linda

So here are 5 random facts about me...
1. I have been at the Cesarean birth of 2 of my 8 gorgeous grandchildren.

2. I have had 34 house moves since I was born.

3. My favourite flower is a daisy.

4. I have almost 100 greeting cards in print

5. One day 5yrs ago a friend invited me out for a coffee he picked me up drove me to Tees side Airport we climbed into a 4 man plane and flew to the other side of York had a coffee b4 returning back home. I will never forget that. We still remain firm friends today. (Hi Doug how did Bev's birthday bash go on Friday)
Thanx for reading
Chriss x


jazsutra said...

WOW loving what the gals did here!loving yr blog,therez so much to see and get inspired! and u have moved house for 34 times???that is not a random fact lol!that is one serious fact teehee!hv a blessed week!-jaz

Edleen said...

hi Chrissy! always enjoy seeing your lovely work here :)

34 times...alot of getting used to with the new place yeah? ;)

have a Fab Week!

Jaqi said...

Loving all the atcs, interestng facts Chriss......private plane for coffee.....mmm !
Whats happened to Dottie? shes very quiet these days, Pat sends his love hehehe, Jaqi x

Chriss Rollins said...

absolutely just coffee and a good
chriss x

Denise said...

Great ATCs and facts about you and hey, no need to be sorry, life happens, sometimes!

Linda said...

Great ATCs...and what interesting facts Chriss. No:5...such a geat memory!
Love Linda xx
PS Thanks for your brilliant comment on my blog!!

chris f said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, Chriss, you have some lovely stuff on here. I hope you enjoy making the Palooza! Post a picture when you are done!!
Chris F

Chris said...

Fabulous ATC's as usual and loved reading your random facts hun... get you going for coffee in a plane whoohoooo bet that was a hoot.
Know you are feeling a bit poorly so hope you are better soon :D
Chris xx