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Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

More Lets Face It Challenge and freebies

Hi, Some more of our great Lets Face It ATC's for you to look at and maybe inspired from...the first 2 are from Michelle I am in love with them as they are my fave colours that I love to work with thanks Michelle.

Below are 2 of Sandra's ATC's on each of them she has used beautiful female images Lets face It they are gorgeous. Thanks Sandra.
Elizabeth created the 2 below I'm loving the background on the one on the right ...think you all know by now I love backgrounds. Thanks Elizabeth.
Are you game for a laffffff??? Cos our friend Chris has found a fun web site where you get to see what you looked like in the past...just by uploading a front facing photo of yourself and choosing different hairstyles from different era's... well I know a few of you have had a go and well I had to too as there is no show without Punch ..I mean I need to play too... besides it's good for the face muscles... Try out this site and have some fun too

So here is my first one.. what do you think??? aren't I gorgeous some how that hairstyle has me looking like corries beauty Kim Marsh...can you see the resemblance... no, come on look closer you will see it... rofpmsl

Not keen on this one makes me look like my older brother.... its 1968 and I did have that hair style...any one else had that one.

This one is way back in the early sixties never had that hairstyle and never intend to either.

The last one is the 70's and I did have the perm for a while and the fly away collars...anyone remember them...think they are known as vintage now.

I had great fun doing these pics why not have a go ..come back and tell when you blog them and I will come take a look.

thanks for reading...still more Lets Face it ATC's to come...if you missed the start of them just scroll down to catch up.

A little reminder that the challenge for October is 'Breast Cancer Awareness month sooooo please lots of pink pink pink.

Almost forgot... do you like freebies... cause you do...well just click on here and you can check out the 'free stuff' that Chris is giving away. Chriss X


Chris said...

Fab Atc's from the girls again Wowwee :)
ROFLOL see you took the bait with yearbook yourself... honestly what a night I'm having... just checked Linda's and Sesga's pics and I could hardly breathe for laughing and then I pop in here again and I am totally dribbling now... OMG where's the tissues. I can't believe what I started here but it is the most fun I've had in weeks!!!
Way to go Chriss.... you look fab :-) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...breathe...ha ha ha ha ha ha...breathe... ooooh that turned in to a long comment...need a drink now.
Chris xx

Linda said...

Great photos Chriss - this website is causing a lot of amusement!!! Although I must say you look rather gorgeous in all of them. (Now show us the afro one.)
Linda xxx

sesga loves 1950s said...

I think you look really pretty in them but the specs on is roflol!!piss your pants.Thanks for sharing we have had a great laugh doing these .
love from sesgaxx

Susan said...

Oh, Chriss, you are beautiful!! Though the 60s look probably didn't actually suit anyone. Sadly, I remember all those decades! Rofl! I'm going to try out the program.

Thanks for the heads up about Chriss' blog too :) Will be over to visit soon, Chriss.

The ATCs are beautiful and interesting again - how did someone make all those pics so tiny and get them on an ATC!!!

Denise said...

Gorgeous ATCs! Will have to have a go at the yearbook! ROFLPIMP! Thanks to all for the laughs!

Jaqi said...

Great atcs. I love the ones with all the faces on , what a great idea.
Loving the hairstyles too Chriss, Very fetching. Jaqi x

Terrie B x said...

Great `ATC`s From everyone..TFS:)
Oh my had to have a giggle at the Yearbook piccies...but really you look `Fab`
Have a great Day~X~

Cookie Sunshine said...

Chrissy these are so fun. I keep saying I'm going to do it, but I have not got the nerve up yet! How fun. ROTF post menopausal :-)


jay670120 said...

lol i have visited the year book site too but too embarrassed to put my pics on my blog , maybe later. Great ATCs ive been visiting all the blogs on Fiskarette links theres some amazing work about x

carolinejane said...

Hi Chris
Thanks for the comment on the Fiskarettes blog. I do indeed remember the ATC I did for you - how nice of you to remember too!
I have popped your bloggie into my faves - there is lots to look at and your work is fantastic! That website looks a laugh, will have to visit that too...x