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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Saamis Tepee

Here is the last in the Tranquility ATC's
I took this photo whilst on holiday in Canada staying with Denise just months after my dad lost his life to cancer.

The visit to this fabulous piece of ART gave me so much peace and healing in my heart that day, it is the most amazing structure and if you are ever in Medicine Hat you really must visit it... take a picnic.

I TRIED to distress the photo and the tiny holes around the pic are to remind me of moccasins...this is one of those times when what was is in my head didn't quite come to life. lol. Has anyone else had the same problem? lol

Just south of the Trans-Canada Highway and overlooking the Blackfoot buffalo jump, is the world's tallest teepee, the "Saamis Tepee". Designed for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary as a symbol of Canada's Aboriginal heritage, it was moved to Medicine Hat in 1991. It stands over 20 stories high and was designed to withstand extreme temperatures and winds up to 240 km/h (150 mph). During a January 2007 windstorm, a portion of the tepee was damaged. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that extensive weathering was partially to blame. After repairs were complete, the Saamis Tepee now stands approximately 15 feet shorter.

The name "Medicine Hat" is the English translation of 'Saamis' (SA-MUS)- the Blackfoot word for the eagle tail feather headdress worn by medicine men - or 'Medicine Hat'. Several legends are associated with the name from a mythical merman river serpent named Soy-yee-daa-bee, the creator, who appeared to a hunter and instructed him to sacrifice his wife in order to obtain mystical powers which were manifest in a special hat. Another legend tells of a battle long ago between the Blackfeet and the Cree in which a retreating "Medicine Man" lost his headdress in the South Saskatchewan River.

Hope the above is of some interest, thanx for finding it for me Denise. xx

There is still time to enter 'the hand' challenge I am thrilled with the response it has had. See Post Below.

Another great Blog to visit is for inspiration.

thanx for reading.

Luv Chriss x Dottie x, who by the way is reading up on a certain town as she is off on another adventure holiday on the 28th of June and so designer heads on again please.

we are just waiting for a few of the other fashion show ATC swaps to arrive so we can make the swap. xx


Fiona Whitehead said...

Fabulous picture - I'm just about to read Bury My Heat At Wounded Knee after listening to Buffy Sainte Marie again - I'd love to visit here one day.

Denise said...

Would love to do the hand but these hands have to hook hooks and hang curtains for a bit. Aunty is getting anxious about moving in!

Jaqi said...

Great info with this atc Chriss. I love Indians. I went to Canada in 1976, and I had the best time ever at a real Indian POW WOW. It was amazing , the headresses were fantasic, all those feathers and Kid Leather costumes, oh it was heaven. I have some old cinefilm of it , lots of dancing and chanting what a great day , thanks for reminding me of that and helping me to walk down memory lane, Jaqi x

Anonymous said...

Great Post Chris...
Sorry your Dad is`nt with you now,but I`m sure youv`e got special memories to keep always:)