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Saturday, 14 June 2008

100th post give away.

Sorry I am unable to add any images from my computer ...Mr Blogger just wont let me today.

I have been trying most of the day and now I am giving it up as a bad job.
Has anyone else had the same problem as me.
I had a nice surprise today when Louise popped over to say I had won some blog candy ...OMG you just have to see how.... I mean 'who' chose the winner's of the BC you just wont believe it.. original is our Louise in every way.
And while she popped over to tell me I had won little did SHE know her name had been drawn to win the 100th post.
Louise you are to receive a selection of ribbons and Dottie on her very own Gothic Arch... I will be sad to see her go she is gorgeous.. looks like we are swapping addresses. lol.
Sorry can't show you a piccie of it but you could look in the archives.
Our Dottie as you all know went off to Jaqi's for her first adventure holiday and it was suggested Dottie may need a passport and as promised one lucky person's Dottie ATC has been picked out of my 'pringles tube' not very original sorry... I picked number 7 and outfit number seven on the catwalk was....ALL THE WAY FROM DUBAI ... well done Denise :))).
Denise you get to have that outfit on D's passport for 1 year then it will be renewed.
You know I was willing mine NOT to come out as I would have had to put it back... this was one time I was pleased I didn't win..LOL.
D is off on her travels again at the end of the month... oh I wish I could tell you where but where's the fun in that.
Another blog challenge is coming your way late Sunday night providing Mr Blogger is playing and I can show some pics!!.
The make my day awards that I have to pass on goes to you all it is impossible to pick individuals with that award as all of you make my day just by being the person you are the time you give to blogging and comments and taking part in challenges, supporting others..each and everyone of you make my day. THANKYOU.
Chriss xxxx Dottie is out on the town tonight so I wont get an early night I will have to wait up for her..... I thought those days of not being able to sleep 'til they were home were over. lol
Yarm is one of the hottest nights out around, people come for miles to have a night out here one of the Princes not so long ago...hey you don't think she will get herself mixed up with the Royals do you?
Knowing our Dottie anything is possible.
Hope to be able to report with pics tomorrow...Good Night. xxxxxxx


Denise said...

GO TO BED NOW! SHE IS A BIG GIRL YOU KNOW (says she who still waits up)

Jaqi said...

Oh hope Dottie got home safe and sound, LOl, Sam is missing her so much. He spends all his time ploishing her bike, she left it behind! HEHEHE Jaqi x

Louly said...

Oh wow! How funny is that! I've never won blog candy before so this is a special treat for me. Thank you so much Hun.xxxx