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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

What's in store for you?

Today I thought I would share this ATC with all you Gemini's out there.

Whats in store for you.... if we already knew the answer to that would life be a journey....would we bother to get out of bed ...would we not bother going to bed...and live life to the full... Why not just live life to the full anyway and not worry whats in store. lol'Get the look' ATC has been shown before at the very begining of my blogging which seems such along time ago however its only 5mths well I have a reason for showing it again.. more about that later.Our blog has been given a special award its the '' you make my day award '' from the lovely Susan in Australia she was our 2nd blog candy winner... Susan was lucky enough to have her name chosen at random and won those fab ATC's created by Niki over at Fat Freddies Craft Shed see our link.. 'Fat Freddies Shop' We have to pass this award on ... so hope you dont mind if we do that later.
Which brings me to my NEWS which I promised youon Monday... Niki over at Fat Freddies has invited me to be a member of their Design Team and I am thrilled to bits to accept.... I am wearing a big smile Niki :)))Thank you, and the reason for showing you that ATC again is because you can see a small selection of the FAB stamps I used to create it....they are part of the 'Dolly Mama's' collection from Stamps Happen Inc... I am in love with this very funny range of stamps not to mention their 'chicklets' range too...more on those later I promise you.

For those of you who know that our very own ATC Queen Dottie is having a holiday with Jaqi and her lovely family those who dont know.... You really MUST see what she has been getting up to.... what I will tell you is that it should carry a PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING ....please make sure that you are wearing your Tenna Lady 'cos you will lafffff 'til it hurts... pop over to Jaqi's blog, scroll down and start at the begining of Dotties Day on Monday... lol.. check out the POWER SUIT .... and if you like a man in uniform and hey who doesnt....get over there quick.

Thanx Jaqi, you 'Geordies' sure know how to make someone feel welcome.

Thats it for now hope you all have a fantastic day.

Luv Chriss x

P.S. with all the excitement of the fashion show I forgot it was my 100 post on the same day...and so for my give away I will choose a name at random from those who left a comment on that post and that lucky person will win the Dottie Arch at the top of the post plus a gorgeous selection of ribbons and lace.

Good Luck to every one.


Denise said...

Congrats on the award and becoming a Design Team Member, Chriss! Great news! I make sure I have an empty bladder when visiting Jaqi and Dottie! They are having so much fun!

Jaqi said...

Congratulations on the award, Thanks for mentioning my blog, Dottie and I have been all over today, you just wouldnt believe it! I will be posting after tea. Hope you are having a nice rest....shes got me worn out and shes keeping me on my toes, she is having a great time, Jaqi & Dottie x

Anonymous said...

Whoooohoooo congratulations girl...way to go and well deserved. Hoping to pop by Jaqi's blog in a my hankies ready to mop up the tears of laughter. Love those atc's by the way :)
Chris xx

Susan said...

Chriss! What a wonderful day! Your 100th post, your award (thank you for mentioning my blog) and now you are a member of a Design Team!! Congratulations!

I am so enjoying Jaqi and Dottie's adventures. What a hoot!

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