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Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Monday, 2 June 2008

The Finale

Now for 2 fab outfits from Dottie's mum herself the one above she has so much glitter going on ..well we girls love glitter and her crown proudly perched on her head reminding us she is afterall The Queen of ATC's. this other little number has an apron full of glitter too and if you look closely you wull see it is also a Digital creation... really must have a go at it myself the papers are fab... pop over to Dotties mums blog and she will tell you about the digital papers she used.

Thanx Louise for joining us as I know you dont Make ATC's but you tell me you had soooo much fun... i am sooo pleased maybe you will take on another challenge with us. ;))
Staying up late is another of mine and I must say I do love it well couldnt send our Dottie off without her PJ's what else will she wear to craft in after all thats what PJ's are for.... I bet those girls will be up late having a whole lot of fun.

WELL NOW FOR THE ONE I HAVE SAVED 'TILL LAST AS I THINK YOU WILL NEED YOUR 'TENNA LADY' ROFPMSL LOL.this fantastic outfit was designed by Karen... and I have lafffed all weekend thinking about it ...hope you love it too.

Well, thats it folks ... for this time ... we will be back with another cat walk of style sometime in the future.

thanx to all of you for joining in the FUN.

Sorry for the delay ..just want to let you know it wasnt our super model Dottie having a tantrum BUT me teaching myself a quick lesson in adobe foto shop...all new to me...but i got there cutting and pasting and sending..haha.
Tomorrow I have some news that I want to share:))
thanx for stopping by.
love Chriss x

The digital ATC's will be made into touchy feely and will be available for our swap.


Jaqi said...

dottie is sound asleep, after having such a busy day. she asked if she could just have an hours nap before writing her diary. shes tucked up in her little bed (i've taken photos) shes quite an inquisitive little thing and isnt shy at all. read her diary to find out what shes been upto today. jaqi

Denise said...

Well, I am not surprised! This has been one busy Lassie. Jaqi, I do hope you are keeping a diary, because, you know 'things' happen quickly and this Dottie is going to keep you on your toes! Enjoy her, she is one in a million!
Hugs to you both and of course to Chriss (whom I hope is having a decent night's sleep)

Chriss Rollins said...

Thankyou Denise..i will be off to bed shortly.
thanx also to Jaqi for being a good sport.
will be reading what you have both been up2 on your blog.
chriss x

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO... OMG what fantastic outfits... well done to everyone who took part in the fashion show...what a hoot. Got some ideas there for dressing myself...those knees...well that's another Whyd'you think I keep mine well and truly

Louly said...

OMG!! I'm completely speechless! I love all of the creations, every last one of them!
I really can't believe the talent of all these ladies, I must visit their blogs and see what else they've been up to.
I think Naomi Cambell and Kate moss had better watch out! HERE COMES DOTTIE!!!!

Denise said...

A fashion show worth waiting for, great designs and lots of giggles.  Well done everyone.  Looking forward to hearing about Dotties adventures with Jaqi and hope you can get some ME time now Chriss. Denise DBX

Kaz Scrapz said...

Great fashion show Chriss - love her PJ's and bed (although the look on Dotties face reminds me of my 5 year old when he is far to hyper to go to sleep!)