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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Zetti Bird Winner & Crafty Individual's surprize

So Sorry that I am late in posting the winner of this ATC... Life got in the way as it does sometimes.
All names went into a vase this week 'cos I still don't have a hat and as the vase is redundant I thought it could be put to good

Marley did us the honours and can't you just tell he loves it.

The winner of the ATC is ...

Drum roll please....

Hope that you can read that as the sun is shining through the paper from the back.....if you can't once again it's our lucky girl from Australia....


Well done Susan... you are soooo lucky with our blog many is that now?


Because 11 of you were squabbling over this ATC the lovely Jean and Malcolm from Crafty Individuals stopped by for the birthday bash and donated 3 prizes of the BIRD plate used to create the Zetti Bird ATC


Susan you get one with your ATC and another 2 lucky people were drawn out of the vase by Marley.

Good Luck Everyone.

our winners are...

ARTYJEN..... well done to you.

AND Chris..... well done to all 3 you receive this fabtastic stamp below.

BIG THANKS TO Jean and Malcolm over at Crafty Individuals see direct link to them on the side bar....check out the new stamps just out.

Also thank you to Marley.

Please post and let me know about anything you make and I will pop over and see it .

Sunday last week this ATC was up for grabs to anyone who knew the female on the right with the cupcake on her head... she come with a selection of CI mini stamps that I have doubles of.

No one attending the party got it and so here are a few clues for you to help and all those that email me the correct answer will have their names drawn from the hat...please send me the answer by Wednesday midnight.

She demonstrates how to encourage good behaviour by using House Rules to set boundaries and the Naughty Step to reinforce discipline at home and that's just for the

The emails will be flooding in after Good Luck.
There are still some that have not collected their prizes from last Sunday.
Thanks and have a great Sunday. x


Artyjen said...

OMG! OMG! I love that stamp!!!!! Sorry Marley but it's another big hug from me I'm afraid!! :) LOL
I'm jumping up and down for joy :)In answer to the other question...I don't know LOL

Susan said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I am a lucky girl indeed!!! Thank you again to Marley!!! Marley, you must have a secret desire to visit Australia one day! Lol!

Chriss I am doing mental cartwheels (too old for the real thing - lol!) over winning this amazing ATC AND a new stamp!! I love that stamp :) Jean and Malcolm, you are too kind and I am sending you all huge cyber hugs! {{{{HUGS}}}} You all made my day. Truly ruly.

Chris said...

OMG!!!!!!! Is that MEEEEEE
I Never win anything normally....OMG I am gonna die of happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marley when I see you I am gonna give you the biggest hug and if you don't do hugs n kisses you better hide...rofl
Thank you soooooo much and thanks to Jean and Malcolm at Crafty Individuals for such an amazing prize...whoooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Chris xxx