Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards.

Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

February ATC Cookie Challenge

Hello all,

Once again the 1st of the month is here and it's our February challenge time...2months into 2010....that's scary!

Time to introduce you to our lovely ATC Guest Designer.....Some of you may remember our good blogging friend Donna aka 'Cookie Sunshine' mostly for her 'work of art' birthday cakes, her cupcake drawings and not forgetting her lovely Mum Elizabeth, Elizabeth suffered Alzheimer's and sadly she passed away, Donna gave up her blogging.

Donna has been missed in blog land and I am soooo pleased that she has returned and opened another blog and agreed to be here with us this month.


Anyone remember this as one of her sketches, there are plenty more where this one came from.

This next piece of info on Donna, I took from Donna's business blog and there is more to read should you wish to.

I don't remember the incident but Mother told me that I grabbed a can of fake snow and decided to decorate the entire house. I was very little, just two or three. I was discovering colors about the same time.

Apparently I was also discovering walls. My parents wanted to encourage my creativity so Daddy purchased my first art desk right away. I just wanted to see images and color.
My aunt Jeanette encouraged me in another direction. She taught me the fine art of cutting paper. This was good. Whenever we visited her house I came face to face with a stack of catalogs, a big box, and round tip scissors. Glue and paper followed later. I liked it. Paper dolls became a passion of mine.

And as they say the rest is history

Donna says...

About two months ago Chrissy Rollins contacted me and asked if I would like to participate as the February guest designer for her wonderful blog. Oh My Goodness! Thank you Chrissy!

I was so thrilled. I said "yes" right away. I began thinking about the ATC's that I wanted to share as my art has evolved continually over the past six years since I began sharing it online.

I hope I'm doing this correctly.

These are all digital as they are made up of images from previous paintings, collages, illustrations, and photos that have been put together to create each ATC. I call them "Cookies" in honor of my previous blog - Cookie Sunshine. I have included Cookie Sunshine in each card.

I will be printing each one of these one time only and will add hand embellishments that are not seen here.

Then I will destroy the file. I hope you like them. They will be appropriately signed and identified on the back.

Are you ready for this challenge Girls/Nigel

We have all doodled and every Telephone directory in the world must have been doodled you agree?

And so what the challenge involves is 'doodling' on the backgrounds be it in colour or pen and ink, that's up to you :)

I gave it a little thought tonight and came up with the idea of doodling an A4 card and when finished cut it into ATC size.... you get 9 out of an A4 and there you have your 5 backgrounds (with 4 left over) without having to work on a small 2.5x3.5 canvas

You are now ready for your next bit of art ...magazine cuttings, your own drawings, stamping,

wow the more I think about this the more I am getting excited and raring to go....

Don't forget to add the odd embellishment by hand and there you have it your very own 'COOKIES' ready to swap and no

Check out Donna's blog click on the ATC's over there to enlarge, revealing all the detail.
Here are Donna's 5 ATC for this challenge

I love this next image of 'The Crafting Queen' she can be found on Donna's Etsy

Each of the drawings come with a little verse

She's a crafting queen

she can do anything

she can paint

she can twill

she can tat

she can sew

she can bake

she crochets

she can knit

she's on the go

the above words belongs to 'the crafting queen' HOWEVER the last 2 lines are missing SO to be in with a chance of owning the fab print (below) also by Donna

pop over and get the missing words and email me them leaving a comment in the box for when we make the draw.
I know it's a LONNNNG post and if you are still with us..thank you, you are fabulous.x

Once again big thank you to Hermine our fabulous January guest designer. xxx
See start of winter ATC showcase below. x
When you have created your ATC's come back and leave us a link so we can come and visit you :)


Heavens2Betsy said...

Really excited to be joining in this swap and, this time, having a little time to get it together! The whole doodling idea really appeals to me so I can't wait to get started. Loved Donna's drawings - think they're fab. This is definitely the place to be!

Pea said...

wow, can't wait to start...doodle away!!!!! px

Karen said...

WOW aren't Donna's drawing fantastic????? This is going to be such a fabulous swap isn't it everyone? HUGS X

tinylou said...

she looks like my mum x x x
loving the challenge !! as always x x

Anonymous said...

Dear Chrissy, Thank you for allowing me to share my work here on your wonderful blog! YOU make EVERYTHING so much fun. It's really so nice to be back. AND, what a fun time with the OWOH give away going on at the same time too. WHAT an exciting time of the year for us as bloggers. I am continually inspired by you.

Thank you for all you do to bring us together month after month. I know it's a lot of work!

Hugs and love,

Rosie said...

I am still here so the long post didn't quite flummox me... I think Donna is really gifted! Am rather looking forward to playing with doodles!! =)

bad penny said...

Hello ! answering your comment - you are as hard to pin down as you say I am !!!!!

The Hen House is where all the chat is and The Linen Shelf is where I'm trying to get back into doing some art after too long away !

Will see you for Kimmy's T Party Tuesdays at The Hen House x

Chris said...

ooooh I am gonna be in doodling Heaven with this one.... whooohooo just my thingymajig eh!!!
So good to see Cookie back with us and her fab art too :D

Thanks to Hermaine for last months challenge too which totally had me thinking out of the box and was a hoot!!

Chris xx

Jaqi said...

Lovely to see you back Donna.

You kept this a secret, didnt mention a word hehehe.

I adore your drawings they are always so sweet, Im not much of a doodler but i will give it a go. Cant wait to see what everyone comes up with, this sounds like fun, Hugs Jaqi xx

Nigel said...

I can see this being fun, as I've doodled away many a happy hour when I should have been doing something else :)

tinylou said...

i have had to make mine already as im away until 28th feb.. so at the risk of being Teachers pet(yes thanks for that Pea!) i have uploaded some ..

Athena said...

Count me in! Count me in!

I'm looking forward to doing Donna's challenge. She is indeed talented.
I just chucked out a piece of doodled paper that I did last week. I might have to scrape off the egg stains and salvage it ! Just kidding!

Compliments on the blog, Chrissy! You make it so much fun!

Susan said...

Oh yes, doodling is good! Thank you for yet another fresh challenge and it is lovely to see you setting the challenge, Donna :) What fabulous drawings you do!

Chris said...

Well I had loads of fun with this challenge... mine are up on my blog now.
Thank you Chriss and Donna I was totally engrossed in what I was doing and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Chris xx

Nigel said...

Stage one is complete :) on

Pea said...

Well my Cookies are done and I had great fun with these...take a look and leave me a little message to let me know that you stopped by! px

Rosie said...

Got mine done this afternoon Chrissy. What a challenge Donna - harder than it looked and Donna's are superb!! Here are mine:

Athena said...

My cards are on my blog

I finally managed to finish these,Chriss. I nearly didn't!

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