Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards.

Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Friday, 22 January 2010

ATC 's and news

Friday! where did the week go?

Before I forget and I do every post.... BIG welcome to our new followers.... if you are reading this I have been meaning to post you a few words for EVER....

Please do not think that I am being rude by not paying you a visit.... I do try I promise you... I click on your picture in the followers box but i cannot connect to your blog AND to top it my computer freezes and I have to turn it off....Does anyone else have the same problem and if so how can I correct it I send a report each time to windows to try to fix it.

I can go onto other peeps blogs and click on their followers and don't have a problem.
Welcome to you all and if you want to follow us and would like me to come and visit please leave your blog addy in a comment.

Well Friday night is party night at least it was when I lived in Spain and tonight Chris, Debbie and myself are crafting at mine now it's no party as in a party party but we will be having some fun with ATC's we are hooked on Zetti style at the mo (and possibly a bottle of wine)

If you fancy swapping an ATC with Chris then pop over to hers HERE and see her swaps she has posted.... I got one.

I have created all my RAK ATC's which I promised for those who took part on the Zetti post on the 31st Dec 09, they will be out to you in your Zetti swaps.

All of the Winter Day swaps have gone out apart from Jeanies and Palma's need to visit the PO.

Sorry that they were all so late getting out to you but with Christmas and the mail strike there was a hold up with mail from Brunei.
We are still gettin fabulous Zettiology ATC's arriving and boy they look as though you have all enjoyed the challenge.

I have had a few emails from some who have said they were challanged beyond their comfort Zone and found it difficult with Zettiology but let me say I was one of those too.... no I didnt send myself an however now I am hooked on, I found if you make them your own is easier than trying to get them to look like TM's.

Last week when I was out blog hopping as one does I found this photo (sorry can't remember where but thanks it made me smile)
BUT I do not remember modeling for the one on the right...rofpmpl.

Here are the last in the KEY ATC's, THANK YOU to everyone who took on the challenge.

Anyone who received an atc without a name it was mine, sorry.

The Keys on mine are from Tanda stamps.

Debbie does not have a blog but she is working on it and sorry these pics of yours are pants as your ATC's are fab in real life.

Its that time of year again OUR BIRTHDAY we as a club have been going 3 years on the 24rd January...Happy Birthday to us xxx.
And that means it's time to ask you all to send in 2 open themed ATC's to me with your next challenge so that I can send them out to you lovely people as a RAK throughout the year.
I have been asked how to join the ATC swap club and all I ask is each year you send in 2 ATC's in Jan to celebrate our birthday... I do not keep these myself but send them out to new and old members.
It's as easy as that so what you waiting for come join in the fun.
Names of everyone in the blog list on the right not forgetting those who do not have a blog plus our designers will go into a hat on Sunday and my special guy Marley will pick out a winner to receive the 6 ATC's I am working on GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.
On Sunday I will be popping on several times that day to leave an ATC and everyone who leaves a comment on an ATC gets their name put in a hat and if your name is drawn that ATC is yours... there will be at least 6 ATC's up for grabs.... enter for 1 of the ATC's or enter for all thats up to you.
Our Guest ATC designer for next month is working on her ATC challenge she is setting you for February and I should have a picture of them by Sunday and if I do I will pop a sneeky snippet of one on here for you to see.
Have a great weekend and eat lots of cake to celebrate.
If you are still with us Zzzzz's sorry...thanks for reading.
love Chriss x


Susan said...

This is all sounding good, Chriss. Happy Birthday to The Artist Trading Club! I will pop some more ATCs in my next post to you, if that is alright? (Unless I can open your parcel a third time before it is sent - Lol!)

♥ Heather ♥ said...

I made ATC's years ago and am going to get back into it here soon! I love your blog
The link to mine is

Faye said...

Gorgeous work, Chriss. Happy BD to the ATC. Your non-party party sounds like so much fun and I can tell by the photo of the three of you that you do indeed have a hilarious time getting together.

Karen said...

hee hee love the photo!!!!

Happy birthday lovelies!!!!! Have a lovely time with Chris & Debbie...wish I was there too. I am sitting here making Chris an atc ...well inbetween typing haha . Looking forward to sunday XXX

Athena said...

I know someone who's pretty good with 'puters . It's a pity that his SOH isn't as good though! ;)

Congrats on the birthday blog.
Will post my Atcs tomorrow to you.

Jaqi said...

I too am having problems with everything running slow and freezing , I think I have too much on my pc, and need to take off some photos etc. Note to self to get it sorted once and for all. These atc's are lovely, Im enjoying getting back into everything but i must admit theres so much happening its hard to know where to start for the best . Jaqi

tinylou said...

its not only the pcs and the internet system that runs slow here in Brunei!!
Happy Birthday to the club..
Im so Glad Paula introduced me to all this.. what a dull life i must have led before..
This is my Blog.. its more of a diary but do add some of my card making and my ATCs on to here..
Please feel free to take a look... im always looking for new sites to follow!

Thanks for doing such a great job with the Club..
Mwah x

Nigel said...

Many happy returns to the artist Trading Club. I suppose I'd better add 2 more ATCs to my ever-growing 'to-do' list :)