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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Hello Tina from Brunei glad you could make it please give paula a tinkle get her to the party.
If anyone would like to have either of these in their collection then leave your name in the comments box.
First name out the top one and 2nd name the bottom one.
My grandson Marley reckons the top image is child abuse... putting a baby in a cup and pulling it's hat over it's baby's know he could be right but everytime I see this ATC I lafffff..who ever wins it I hope that you will love it too... I called it 'cup of love'
It would seem Australia is awake too welcome. x


Stacy said...

Your grandson may have a point; that baby looks rather unhappy!
Perversly, however, he is very cute! Love the lady with the clock!
Chriss, thank you for inviting me to this entertaining party!

Kristen said...

These are great! I love the teacup LAA design, I have this sheet of hers! LOVE IT!

Susan said...

Yes, Australia is awake :) It's now 1.45pm on Monday over here :)

The baby looks a bit like s/he went to sleep and woke up in Disneyland. Surprise!

And the second one is Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She's late! SO late!

I hope I am on time - lol!

tinylou said...

hahaha that reminds me of a hat my mum made me war.. shaped like an ice cream cone.. now.. if only i had the picture here with me in Brunei to scan!!!!!!

OOOh love it love it...

how many of these can we have our name down for as i dont want to be greedy
(Oh yes i do )
OOh no i dont !!
Is it too late for pantomime season??????

sorry .. happy Monday people x

Pea said...

Hello I'm (finally) awake as well...been studying very hard and nearly missed it! Love the teacup picture! I feel like I'm in a fairy tale at the moment, I'm nearly late for that all important essay is due tomorrow!!


JaNs ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Aww, love the tea cup baby :)
I could give her a good home!

She said...

Love both of these! Love the Baby and of course, my favourite is the Lady! No surprise there then!! S xxx

Dawn said...

No, the baby doesn't look too impressed.........but soo cute!
Both great

Artyjen said...

Joining the party again this morning....don't know where you get the energy to party all night!!! LOL ;)

Nigel said...

I'm not too worried that the poor child is in a cup, it's the rest of the ingredients that concern me - all that sugar and butter can't be good for you ;)

Carol said...

lol that teacup reminds me of my daughter when she was little climbing into the baby bath which was ready for her brother!! lol
love it...would look great in my 2010 collection!!