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Monday, 12 May 2008

Dottie, our very own ATC Queen

Hello from Dottie and Hello from me.

Apologies for Dottie being a day late introducing herself but I had to dash over and child mind my grand children last might and took Dottie with me, well I couldn't just leave her on her own could I and not because she can't take care of herself but because she would have been into all my stash... making ATC's until the 'shilling' ran out lol.
Now don't get me wrong I don't mind sharing but I still have some fave papers I want to keep for a while longer (as I am opening a new crafting blog at the end of the May using some fab goodies I have received from a lovely lady by the name of Lindsay who I will tell you all about then.) When we returned from C.M. last night, Dottie couldn't sleep and was up very late making ATC's which she will show you at a later date.
So when Dottie finally went to bed at 4am-ish I had to wake her as she slept in and by the time she had some breakfast, showered, did her hair, decided what she was going to wear, answered her fan mail before she would even consider making a grand entrance. All this time I am sat tapping my fingers... she is now here... :))))
So for those of you that didn't read our post on Sunday lets introduce Dottie..
.. she is our very own 'ATC Queen' created by Louly who you can read all about if you click onto 'Dotties Mums blog' we are so lucky and thrilled to have Dottie in our club, please could you leave a comment making her welcome... as I have to live with her!!! apart from when she is on holiday for 6 weeks of the year and will be coming to stay with one of her club members.
Now this will be 6 x 1 week holidays with 6 different members... if you are one of the lucky ones she chooses to come and stay with you must post a daily blog telling us what you and Dottie got up to.... yes all of it...cream cakes the lot. If you would like to be chosen for a 'holiday week' with Dottie please let me know in the comments box.
IF at anytime you are going off to a crafting fair or similar and would like to take Dottie along just let us know and when you return you MUST blog all about your day and who you met, what you purchased, what you would like to put on your wish list... how many glasses of wine you were invited to taste and what freebies you picked up going around the stalls... just so we can visit the same ones, lol, if we are lucky enough to get there another time.

Now then looking at Dottie today she is in need of a new wardrobe and so here is your challenge and it's open to all of our readers.

Using our Dottie above just copy her and print her off making 3 identical ATC's with her wearing a lovely new outfit can colour her, paint her, paper piece her.... that's up to you... once you have created her new outfit send in 2 of your atc's with a SAE contact me to get my address if you don't already have it .
Dottie will send you back 2 'ATC Dottie Swaps' from those of you who take on the challenge
I can hardly wait to get going making mine.
You have until the end of this month for Dottie to receive them... please leave a comment letting me know you will be taking part if you want to go down in crafting history involved in our very '1st Dottie ATC Queen Summer Wardrobe'

Have fun creating and thanx for reading if you are still awake and know it was a long post but it needed to be how else is a girl going to make her debut.
Luv Chriss x

Our 'ATC Queen' Dottie, may only be used for 'challenges that we the club set' she may not be used for any other purpose as she belongs to our club... taking her away from her family and friends could be very traumatic for all concerned.
Please respect our feelings, thank you. :))) xxxxxx


Jaqi said...

Oh, Please Please Please can dottie come to stay at my house for a holiday....I would let her play in my new crafting cupboard honest I would, I could take her to work with me and send you pictures of her visiting our art gallery and green room and even in the office itself, we have a wonderful view of the tyne from my office window, oh she would love it.......please let her come. I will make some outfits for her too, Jaqi xx

Denise said...

Oh she is just sooo sweet!!! Welcome Dottie, I know you are going to have so much fun and yes I would like to make you some new outfits too!

Louly said...

LOL! Chriss you had me in stitches! I love the idea and I hope you all have lots and lots of fun with Dottie.
Happy Crafting!
Love Louise xx

Denise said...

Just checking on Dottie! She seems to like playing hide and seek! You were quite right in taking her with you last night heheheh

Linda said...

Oh - how cute is she? I can't wait to make her something to wear..must trawl through some fashion mags now to make sure she's bang up to date.
Would she like to come to Skiathos in 2 weeks time?
Linda xx

valerie said...

howw fab cant wait to have a play tomorrow now


Anonymous said...

ROFL at Dottie... what a cool gal she looks. Didn't hear her shouting during our phone call so she must be behaving herself... either that or you've got her locked in a cupboard or something. Hope it's the latter :)
Poor bairn...she can come live in my house for a wee while but only if she goes to bed at 6pm, you know I eat my chocolate after that and don't like sharing ;-O

Benoni SPCA said...

Oh I am sure she would love to come to Africa to see all those big animals and scary things. She must just mind and not play with the spiders and snakes, but we would love to show her some of the civilized parts like Jo'burg and that. I am sure Denise would help me show her around. I will see if I can find her some traditional clothes to wear this month

Jessie SA xxx

Denise said...

Hello Dottie and Hello Chriss. I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a fashion designer but would love to have a go at "dressing"dottie. Welcome to the gang dottie. With much love. Denise xxx (DBX)

Chriss Rollins said...

OOOO, Dottie says she feels like a celeb.
chriss x

Jaqi said...

Hi Chriss and Dottie, Ive finished my Dottie atcs, Do I send them all to you now? Jaqi x