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Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Stamp your art out

Good morning Denise in Dubai.. missing u loads,
'Shop 'till u drop' is possibly my fave ATC I have ever received from my dearest friend Denise, she sent it to me some months ago, I love her use of the Green Shield Stamp as it brings back so many memories from the taste of their glue to sticking them into the books.. It seemed to take for ever to save enough just to get a set of those blue plastic food containers which all 'stacked' inside each other... and that was a BIG selling point... and why I ask myself would it be as if they were in the 'fridge filled with left over food' which incidently is thrown out on bin day... LOL, would you want to stack them inside each's a bit like the food adverts.. every year we have a 'NEW IMPROVED FLAVOUR' and after a few years the next thing they are advertising is 'ORIGINAL FLAVOUR' ... If its been improved why would we want to go back to the original flavour.. yuk...???? Answers on a postcard please :))
This is me using some postage stamps which I bought in a pack from WHS however I did mean to return them and never got around to it... you know how it is...I was returning them because when I got them home I looked on my receipt and see the price...almost £10... WHAT! I hear you say ..yes!.. exactly.. I thought I had paid nearer £4 but that apparently was the price of the small pack of postage stamps they were selling.. they just happen to be in the wrong place on the shelf... my own fault as I wasnt wearing my glasses.. well thats not quite true.. I was but not on my eyes... they were on my head. Moral of the story ... check prices on everything it's not the first time this has happened to me... on more than 1 occasion I have paid for the same item twice
Still, I used 2 of them when I made this ATC using some freebie teal velvet ribbon and the brown rikrak I received from Karen of 'scrapz uk' the background was cut from a postcard that holds special memories of a holiday in Granada.
more recycling... cant help myself.
Have a lovely Sunday.
Luv Chriss x


Denise said...

firstly, thanks for the warning Chriss!!!! Love your atc using the V Xpensive stamps! I miss you too - I talk to the walls in my playroom but they don't make me laugh like you do! Hoping to get some crafting done now that the boxes have arrived, I have put everything away and now sit surrounded by my stash - must be time to play! Love you lots. Denise DBX

Jaqi said...

love these atcs Chriss, although a little expensive , they are very nice. As you know i too have fallen into that trap, LOL. I cant get to my crafting stuff at the moment as I am surrounded by a nightmare pile of wood and boxes that is supposed to be a crafting cupboard. I thought that by this morning i would be sat at my new cupboard crafting away, how wrong I was....Ive had kitchens fitted quicker than this! So right now i would give anything to just be able to craft! As this project has given a whole new meaning to the words flat packed!! I think it should have been called flat nightmare! I had a feeling it would be a big bad jigsaw, and i wasnt wrong......wish me luck, Jaqi x

Denise said...

aaahhh it may be expensive but it is lovely and DeniseDB's ATC is gorgeous! hehehe I think we all have had similar experiences ;)

Linda said...

Lovely ATCs - and gorgeous stamps.(Ooooh you get what you pay for!)
When I used to collect stamps as a child there were always LOADS with Magyar Posta on. Looks like nothings changed much! LOL
Linda xx
(That's got me where are all my old stamp albums?)

Denise said...

uhm Linda, you got me thinking too! Where are mine!!! thanks for the nudge ;)

Kaz Scrapz said...

This is a gorgeous ATC - I am lucky enough to have this beauty in my collection too :-) - the pack of stamps might have been expensive but who can put a price on art? xxx Karen