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Thursday, 27 March 2008


Lewis Carroll was born Charles Dodgson on January 27 1832 in Cheshire, where his father Charles was a vicar. His parents moved to Croft near Darlington and Charles attended Richmond Grammar School in Yorkshire which just so happens that my oldest 2 children attended the same school for a short period during the time we lived in Catterick, it was outside of our catchment area but after setting an entrance exam they got in.
Talking about getting into your chosen school my oldest grandson Curtis went for an informal interview today to get on the uni course he wanted and the interview turned into his entrance interview, he was given a place there and then, unconditionally, can you hear me cheering? We are so proud of him.. huge smile on my face as there were only 24 places available, these students will have 3 tutors working with them for the 2 years it will take to complete the 'Film and Production' course. There are only 5 colleges throughout the country offering this. Curtis has always from an early age wanted to produce films he has been writing music and lyrics for so long and his primary school music teacher from Northallerton always said about Curtis to watch this space... and so Mrs Burns if you are reading this you will be proud of him, do you remember when he wrote a poem for/about you and you hid in the store cupboard so the class didn't see you crying. LOL. Curtis was in shock today for a few hours after his interview and of course we are all sooo proud of him you couldn't tell... Love you Curt.
OK, back to this fab ATC, sorry but I was a little side tracked for a moment but I think that's ok today, don't you?
''Beware of the Jabberwocky'' was designed and created by Karen from Scrapz a talented lady.. see her link below for her online shop.
Thanx Karen also for the fabulous blog candy you have donated... look out for it everyone because if you like charms... all 60+ of them... yes 60+ they are coming your way... soon MAKE A NOTE OF IT.
Luv Chriss x


Linda said...

Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe.....I love Jabberwocky!
You must be so proud of your grandson Chriss.
Linda x

Lauren (mytime) said...

That is amazing news! Yes you should be so proud! Congrats to you all! Love that ATC too!

Em said...

Thanks very much for your comment on my blog!

I am loving your ATC's, they are gorgeous pieces of art - well done you!

Louly said...

What an amazing ATC, that dragon looks amazing. Lucky you. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. xxxx

Denise said...

Congratulations all the way round! You must be sooo proud!!

Susan said...

Glad it's a happy day at your house!

The ATC is interesting too :-)

Max said...

Just popped over to say Thanks for visiting and leaving me a message.
Well done on your grandson achieving success with uni ... I know that feeling of pride as my son got an unconditional acceptance too. He starts in September. Thought I would burst with pride!

Brilliant ATC by the way. Am off o explore your blog now.

Lesli said...

Congrats to your grandson. The ATC is wonderful!