Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards.

Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Monday, 1 March 2010

March ATC challenge is here...come join in x

Update .... The winner of this fabulous print which was up for grabs on the 'Cookie Doodle' challenge is on its way to live.....

H E R E....please click on the link...... Congratulations, you need to make a space on a wall and enjoy.

Back to our challenge
It's the beginning of March and another great ATC guest designer and blogging friend has joined us this month, some of you will already know
Nancy, she has that wonderful challenge blog 'GOTHIC ARCHES,' Nancy updates a fab new challenge for us every Sunday .... can find it H E R E.

Yesterdays challenge on GA was set by a very talented lady... Lynn Stevens her theme being 'Paris Exposition' .
Why not pop along and join in with her this week you will love it, it's a great shape to work with.

For those of you who do not know ...this is the lovely Nancy

I am a dabbler. I love to create using all sorts of mediums.

Pattern papers, rubber stamping, fabric, wood, assemblage, collage, altered art, a never ending smattering of whatever strikes my fancy in whimsical moments.

I find creating allows my soul to be fulfilled and love to spend hours in the studio.
Love Nancy x

Nancy, has been so kind as to sponsor this months challenge by offering her plate of 'SEASIDE' stamps.... you can find them H E R E and as always to be in with a chance to win them please pop over to the link above.... find the price of them and email me the correct answer....

Also please leave a comment saying you would like to be entered in the draw... the names will be put into a hat, vase, box whatever I have to hand and the winner picked out by Marley, my DGS.... he loves that job :).

Your chance of winning Nancy's gorgeous give away closes on Sunday 7th March Midnight UK.... GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.

Okay back to this months challenge on our ATC blog ....SWAP 'TIL YOU DROP and as spring is in the air...(in some parts of the world lol) alot of us will be thinking of our gardens... me for one as this will be my first year with a garden in a long time.... Nancy has chosen the theme ' Garden Fairies' for us and has created 5 gorgeous ATC's using digital images from 'Paper Whimsy'

How would you like to take on this challenge and be in with a chance of owning one of Nancy's fab ATC's?

What do I have to do I hear some of you ask....

Easy Peasy...I cry...

Just create 5 ATC 's on the theme of ' Garden Fairies' ....send 4 into me to be swapped and keep the other one for your own collection.

Once you have created them and IF you have a blog please post them and leave a link to us..

tell us you have posted them and we will come and visit you.... you know we all like to come and see what you have created :)

Any more questions then PLEASE contact me on the addy in the header.


The closing date for the ATC Garden Fairies challenge is 31st March.

A big thank you to Donna our Guest Designer for February's challenge 'Cookie Doodles'.

The winner of her fab Sketch will be announced a little later on on this post.... I will update the post.

An apology from Jenny.

Hello Chris,

I've just gone on to the ATC website and think I've been a bit ungracious. I'm not a fan of Blogs, but then I don't really understand them. So I thought I'd check on some of them.

ok I can see that it is fascinating to see what other people are up to and understand your comment about feeling closer to folk who join in the challenges.

I'll have to get my sons to get me started, But i'm last in the pecking order on the computer

I'll look forward to the March challenge.

Bye from Jenny.

Thank You Jenny x

Winners of my OWOH gifts yet to be announced sorry I am a bit behind on that one i have drawn it and its in a draft ready to post.

The winner of the 6 ATC's for the 30,000 Visits to our ATC blog is......

H E R E click on the... link is it you?

Will post a pic of them later when I have a new scanner... me thinks that scanning 34 sets of Zetti ATC's made it down tools.... lol.... I just bought 3 sets of new inks for it... okay they were compatibles ....put them in and CLUNK.... dead..... Hope that the company will exchange the inks for inks to fit my new one.....cos that's an awful lotta of rubber stamp money :( if they won't.

Another long post and if you are still with me...T H A N K Y O U :)

Hope that by now everyone has received their Zettie ATC's x

Chriss x...hope that I have not forgotten anything.


Martina said...

Wow - Nancy`s Garden Fairy ATC`s are so gorgeous! For this reason, I absolutely must join this challenge:-)

And also I would like to be entered in the draw, dear Chriss. You immediately get an email from me.


Sugar Lump Studios said...

Hello Chriss
thank you so much for the honor of being guest designer...I will try my best to keep up with what the lovely ladies create! :) About to head off to peel layers of wallpaper at the new place (discovered it was not one, or two...but three layers in the kitchen)...needless to say I am not a happy camper right now! :) Happy March!

Jeanie Callaghan said...

I love Nancy's ATCs and will try to participate this month.

Tarnished Rose said...

I would love to be included in the stamp draw and also intend to begin participating in the ATC swaps as soon as I'm recovered from some cervical spinal surgery.

I'm email you the cost that I found as per the guidelines.


Rosie said...

I LOVE all Nancy's work and support GA nearly every week! So please pull my name out of the hat Chrissy!! I have sent you an email as requested!

PS - Nice one Jenny! And I'm glad you don't blog more regularly... I always make a cuppa when I come over here - lol!! xo

Palma said...

*Athena does another cartwheel and upsets the local earthquake monitering equipment!*
I got my FABULOUS Zetti Atcs today! Woopee!
I'm also thrilled to find another fantastic and very talented artist host this month, Nancy. Double Woopee!
I think that it's obvious that you can count me in for this month's lovely theme, AND put my name in the hat for the draw. C'mon Marley (wink wink)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous ATC`s ladies TFI:)x

K J D said...

I love your long posts!

My Zetti atc swaps have arrived and they are all brilliant and I have posted them on my blog.

This sounds like a fantastic theme and i am looking forward to getting started!!!


Susan said...

My Zettis haven't yet arrived but I am watching for the postie very carefully and will tell you when I have trapped (Oops! I mean seen) him with my Zetti parcel. I would love to be in the draw for the stamp sheet (they are gorgeous) and also to join in on the Garden Fairies swap. What beautiful ATCS, Nancy! Jenny, that was most gracious of you to post your comment. Don't be a stranger :) Chriss, you have done another fantastic job hope you get your clunky inks sorted and congratulations on the success of Swap Till You Drop! {{{Hugs}}}

Chris said...

Well you know I love Nancy's work what a talented lady she is.

She creates such wonderful art and her stamps are just fabulous too.

I think this challenge is right up my street... love fairies and wings n stuff... whooohooooo

bring it on :D
Chris xx

Debs said...

Chrissy please put my name in the Marley hat (I'll confirm by email) and I'm up for the March challenge too hun, tho as you know, I don't do wings!
It was very gracious of Jenny to offer up her explanation. What she needs now is her very own laptop so she can get into blogging mode and pop on for a gossip now and then!
Meanwhile, many thanks for the fantastic Zetti ATCs - love every one of them. xxx

Contessa Kris said...

I'd love to be put in the hat for the drawing! Off to look at the wonderful stamps being offered. Love the ATCs shown!

Anonymous said...

WOW Nacny's ATC are absolutely gorgeous!!! Please enter my name in the drawing ;o)After so much snow I need to get in the mood for summer hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I got some candy if you wanna join Chris !!!!Thanks :)xxxx

Martina said...

It`s me again!
Since I did not had to work this week, I had plenty of time:-)
Here is my entry
Thanks for looking.

Carol Plume said...

wowie.....Please enter me for the on its way....and ohhhh another challenge for me to add to my list!! lolx
Gorgeous ATC's can't wait to get started on this....(btw Zettis have arrived - thank you xx)

Chriss Rollins said...

Martina they are gawguss thanks for joining in the swap.

chriss x

Crafting Queen said...

Had fun with this here is mine
Hope you like it. ANesha

Chriss Rollins said...

why not pop over and see anesha and martina's Fairy Garden ATC's.

chriss x

Carol said...

Love the theme and like so many would be thrilled to own the seaside plate Nancy has generously offered as a prize

Have e-mailed and preping for the ATC'S

Tina said...

OMG ITS ME!!!!!!
isnt it.. or have i got it wrong?! x

Unknown said...

Hi Chriss thanx for stopping by my blog and asking me to join in March swap I think I will give it ago why not lol

I have only ever made four ATCs so I don't know how good they will be though in comparison with Nanceys they are yummy!

Oh please put me in her draw too I would love these stamps I will e-mail the price to you very shortly. After I stop drewling over all the other stamps!

Love Dawn xx

Gini said...

Happy dancing at being the 30,000 year old ATC swinger er swapper, I'm a relic, a national treasure, well no not really, but still very happy!
Thank you thank you thank you Chriss!
P.S. Hope your scanner woes are now sorted out :-)

Palma said...

I have completed my atcs for this challenge. You can see them here
Last swaps are on their way and these ones will be posted next week!

Electra said...

If I'm not too late, I would love to be entered in the draw! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Chris, I'm travelling for two weeks and then will be back, maybe to participate in a swap!

Unknown said...

All done hope you all like them.

here are mine

Love Dawn xx

Rosie said...

Here are my ATCs for this swap Chrissy!!

Click HERE

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Hi Chriss,
Wow, Love Nancy's garden fairies!!!My fairies are flying your way!!
HERE is a sneak pre-view

Jan x

K J D said...

Hi Chriss

I have done two out of five and the others are nearly there.

The first two are on my blog.....

Nancy's atc's are amazing!


Stacy said...

Hey Chriss, I mailed my garden fairies to you yesterday, so they should just squeak in before the deadline. Thanks to Nancy for the lovely theme...I needed something "Spring" to work on with all the snow that keeps falling! Take a look here.

Chriss Rollins said...

Hi my garden fairy ATC's are over here

thanks for looking.

chriss x

Chris said...

Mine are all done and you can see one on my blog now :D Did them all similar this time.
Thanks for looking
Chris xx

K J D said...

Hi Chriss

Hope you have had a good weekend....

I've done my five 'Garden Fairies' atc's..... and they are on my blog - this challenge was great fun! Plus, finally I have two RAK's to send in, they are on my blog too!


Joanna said...

Wow, the standard's high here, isn't it?! Anyway, I've completed my Garden Fairies (by the skin of my teeth)and they're here

I'll pop them in the post tomorrow.

I'd better go and get on with my RAK's now.......


Nigel said...

Managed to scrape in by the skin of my teeth. Mine are on my blog here, along with the only ATC to survive the doodle challenge.