Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards.

Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


The 4 fantastic Zettiology ATC's that set 34 ....YES 34 of us creating zetti ATC's what an amazing fabulous challenge from Hermine...THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Today we have the start of our Zetti show case.

Audrey below. .. see Audrey's blog link on the right of the page. x

Audrey thank you soooo much for taking part in Hermines Zettiology challenge your ATC's in real life are gawgus....All Zettiology ATC's are in the post including any Birthday Bash ATC's you may have won included in the same envie.

Feed back I getting this blog wrong?

Today I received a letter from Jenny a club member...this is how it went...

I feel I should write to let you know my thoughts on Febs challenge and the ATC club website,

The challenge was quite confusing... 'Cookies' to me means biscuits or small cakes but the challenge seemed to be doodles...random scribbles on note pads etc...

The website is confusing also whilst it may be nice to know what you and your family are up to I think this website should be only for the club.

Please make competitions from other sites separate.

I hope that you will not think my comments too negative.

best wishes from Jenny.

(ME) Have I got it wrong ???

This is a non profit making club I just enjoy receiving and swapping little pieces of ART from around the world scanning and uploading the ATC's to offer inspiration to our members followers and readers and in doing so spreading the word here in the UK re ATC's.

From time to time I may mention myself and family as part of our community spirit when I go over to other members I read what is written re their families and it's like we all know each other, I feel bringing us closer together even though we are sometimes 1000's of miles apart.

If you would prefer I Keep it just for ATC's please let me know.

The competitions mentioned must be the last 3 weeks where I have been delighted to be GD over at 'Something Completely Different' where I have posted my ATC on our club blog and then linked it to their challenge....I am unsure as to how I am meant to keep this challenge separate from the club blog.

If you feel I have got this blog all wrong then please could our club members let me know.
Thanks for reading.


The Lone Dollier said...

I think a blog is what you want it to be. Mine started off for miniature dolls but has morphed into so much more. I talk about family, minis, junkin', and other things (well, I haven't made a mini doll in two years because of pain in my neck). You can't be everything to everyone. Also, with this being a world-wide type forum, other countries have different definitions for some of the words we Americans use. I think if you are in America, then you should call things what we Americans call them and allow other countries to maybe interpret them as they like. This is for fun and not to get stressed over. Constructive critism is great (& I think that comment was just that) but in the end, it's what makes YOU happy.


Debs said...

Oh dear, I thought a blog was an ever-evolving platform for the blogging community to share news, views, ideas and just about anything relevant to the blogger and her/his followers.
Chrissy, foremost, your ATC Club is a boon to the majority of us arty folk and one for which I am forever grateful. Second, your dedication to the Club is unstoppable - I for one know how many nights you go with just a couple of hours sleep to keep the blog up to date. Third, your brand of wit, your personal and open style creates a warm welcome no doubt for the majority of us. Sorry, but I hope you don't change a thing hun.
Debs x

Artyjen said...

I like it just the way it is! :) ...I'll say no more other than thanks for all the hard work I know it must take up a great deal of your time...TTFN ((Hugs))

Susan said...

Oh, Chriss, don't change.

My feedback to you is that I like to hear how you and your family are doing and I love what you do with your blog. Every blog I read regularly is a mixture of things (mine included) with perhaps a dominant theme about craft. That is what makes me feel as though I do belong to a world wide community of bloggers. My world wide community is English speaking admittedly and we all know how different the English language is depending on what country you are from, or even what Region you live in. Misunderstandings about the meaning of words is bound to arise and all it requires is that a person asks a question or two to clarify, if need be.

Your blog isn't 'all business' and it is warm and personal. Your commitment is wonderful and I have had such fun taking part in your inspirational challenges. I never even would have started making ATCs were it not for you. So thank you for everything, just the way you uniquely do it!

That said, this is your blog and it should be run the way you want to run it, to attract the kind of audience you want to attract. It must be your decision how to change (if at all) to get the results you want. Different voices appeal to different audiences. That is just a fact of life.


Heavens2Betsy said...

I am very new to this club and so far, am absolutely loving what I read and what I see. I don't find anything on your blog detracts from it's 'purpose' and I like the personal anecdotes as they give a sense of who you are. I was made to feel most welcome here and was grateful for that as I didn't know what I was doing and needed a bit of guidance. So, my take on it is that 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'! If its meant to be fun, it's doing that for me xxx

Cheryl said...

hi hun
I agree with the others I love your blog and if there is something I do not understand I always email you and you are kind enough to reply,so stay as it is hun after all your blog and love hearing about what you do and after all if we all just posted our cards and not said a word how boring would it be like having a cup of tea without a biscuit hugs cheryl xxxx

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Hi Chriss,
I agree with all the above..:)
Your blog is fab!
Love reading all your posts and of course seeing everyones ATC's.
Keep it up!! You are doing a Great Job!
Jan x

Nigel said...

OK, I can see where the confusion comes from - It says at the top of the page "this blog is run for 'The Artist Trading Club' it's members, guests and visitors and should you wish to know more about joining our club" which could lead people to think it's combined effort rather than a one-woman show.
Having said that, at the end of the day it's your blog - your rules. If you want to tell us about your life, do it. My blog is for crafty stuff, but you'll find bits about my holidays, beliefs and other stuff.
If you're happy with the way it is, then don't change it.


P.S. -Just to confuse matters even further, as far as I'm concerned a cookie is a piece of code that makes web browsing easier :p

Susan said...

Mffft Nigel! I wonder, do you all know that in some parts of Regional Australia, a cookie is a cow pat?

Dawn said...

I think your blog is great. I really enjoy seeing other peoples ATC's on here, even if I don't join in every month.
It's also nice to hear about what's happening in your world.
Don't change a thing.
People don''t HAVE to read it

Chriss Rollins said...

Thank you for your kind comments,

Nigel I have taken on board your comment re the header and made ammendments.

Also many thank youe for all the wonderfu; emails too.

chriss x

She said...

Hi Chriss. please don't change. Your blog brightens my day :-) Thanks for all your hard work. Love S xxx

Rosie said...

No, you haven't got it wrong Chriss! It's YOUR blog and Jenny isn't a co-author! Sometimes, I write rather long, rambling posts, especially if I've been playing around with new techniaques. The people who read my blog do it because they enjoy what I write, not just the pretty art I create! (Maybe pretty is an overstatement!!), but you know what I mean. I share my successes and my failures and sometimes add a snippet of my week. I do have a separate blog for griping (started it when DD was being seriously bullied) because I like to keep my anger out of my artwork, but hey!
I like getting to know what you're up to - don't change a thing! xoxoxo

Dawn said...

Like it, Love it, Leave it just the way it is!
Surely ART is for sharing and I for one have loved having you over on SCD and thanks so much for showcasing your ATC's you did for the challenges here...


Carol said...

My dear Chriss - there is always one isn't there! ok, its a free world and everyone can have their say - BUT! this is your blog - its your club and you can say and do what you want - if others don't want to take part and listen (read) then go away and keep your negative thoughts to yourself!
I think you are doing a wonderful job. The birthday party must have taken you ages and to sort out 34 sets of ATC's is no mean feat! THANK YOU for all your hard work and THANK YOU for being part of SCD this month I, too, have loved you being on board! and I love reading all about your family and their achievements and what you're upto...Keep it up girliexx

tinylou said...

my blogs like yours hun... its personal..
not fact fact fact.. its fun and whitty and speaks from the heart.. just like I do..
dont change it... its your baby.. nurture it, and others will find their way around....I did..and i love what u do.. and the way you do it..
PS...ur words and the paper girls words and many other of the blogs ive found inspire me.. x THANK U X

Stacy said...

Hi Chriss! Weighing in a little late....but I would like to say that I was rather timid about making my first post on a blog for fear I was going to offend someone by "breaking the rules", as I was completely ignorant about the blogging world. But as it turned out, that first day, I got the most gracious and inviting response from you which made me feel so relaxed and welcome, as though you were a neighbor stopping by with a bit of cake for the new kid on the block. I really appreciate that closeness your have engendered in your site and feel honored when you share bits of your life. I have studiously avoided sites that seem to have a strict protocol as I find them less friendly and a bit intimidating. You can never make everyone happy but you can clearly see that you do make so many people happy! Keep on doing it!