Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards.

Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

AN UPDATE plus My ATC's for March challenge and the bird showcase.


Now then you all know how much I love Crafty Individual Stamps from Jean and Malcolm.
Jean, if you don't already know has opened her very own blog :) you can find her over here... I am just so excited that she has decided to run a monthly challenge for us so why not pop over and give her a great BIG warm welcome to blogland.

I have completed my finger painting on text paper for this months Artist Trading Cards.... the 3 below are mine for the swap my other two are further down on another post.

A bit scoooowy wifffffy as I failed to scan them TRY TILTING YOUR HEAD TO THE RIGHT as you look at them it just may help.

As you can see I have used an old map from a book which I started altering about 6 months ago and NO I never got to finish it .... but hope to one day.

Now for the start of the Bird challenge set for us by our talented artist and friend Godelieve the 2 below are hers, you may remember them.

The colours and embossing are gorgeous you will agree.

Crafty Individual stamp on the above and once again colour stands out.
Whoever receives them will love them.

Below are Debbies..
Using a fantastic stamp designed by Crafty Individuals she created a fun filled ATC well 5 of them to be exact and those feathers she she used she plucked from her feather duster leaving it almost bare and so now she is unable to get rid of the cobwebs in her house giving her more time to be creative.... girl after my own heart

Answers on a post card please 'which came first the chicken OR the egg????'

Thanks Debbie x

All the way from Alberta Canada we have Electa's oh I am just loving the colours

And hey that bird is wrapped up well as I know the winters in Canada can be rather cold, I was on holiday in Alberta about 11 years ago in July/august and one day the heavens opened and from out of the sky fell millions of golf balls.... I swear I thought they were as they were soooo big I had never seen hail stones like it before they were making dents in some cars.... AND I do remember strawberry's the size of apples and apples the size melons.... well nearly.

I just had to show you the back of these atc's too.

Thank you Electra x

Hi Vonny,
Thanks for entering your bird atc's I'm sorry but I dont recognise the stamps but I love them that nest is yummy could you tell me who's it is please.

Great backgrounds great colours. Thank you. x

Hi Sheila,
Sorry yours are a bit lopped sided too so if you could just tilt your head or maybe stand on it you may get a birds eye view of them

The one that catches my eye is the top left the 5 birds all cut from coordinating papers.

And a little bit of embossing too. Thank u x
Chris went crazy here with 2 of her birds

Then she went all regal and gold on the 2 below I got one of the gold ones in my swap.

the bottom one to be exact

Thank you x

Then comes mine...recognise the same stamp used on our designers ....a completely different look

Bird Head CI stamp.

The birds on a wire are from another of Crafty Individual plates... Can you tell I love their stamps
Thanks for looking and if you would like to join in with us please do email me.
Birds are flying their way to you.

I'm catching up and getting my head/act wasnt easy but thanks to blogging friends I am getting there.
I have not yet changed my address for those who have asked but that will happen this year however I will keep you informed. xxx


Anesha said...

Wow, what stunning ATCs, ok the cat one caught my eye, love them all.

Karen said...

ooo these are all fabby but like Anesha, I love the cat one :-D

oooooooo I spotted that you have circled Looe in your 1st ATC....I used to live there & I know all the names on that map hahaha xxx

Electra said...

Wow, there are some AMAZING pieces of art here! I can't pick a favorite, too much awesomeness. Hey, Chriss come on back to Canada anytime, we don't have those golfballs often!

Sue said...

Wow Chriss these are all gorgeous, makes me want to make ATC's all over again! x

Chris said...

oooh the bird atc's are all totally fab and I love yours for this months challenge...especially the red one ;-)

Will have to get mine late as usual ;D
chris xx

Nancy B said...

Love your blue ATC. It is fabulous and so are all those wonderful ATCs! Such eye candy!

veesmile said...

wow. nice table, but hey I've seen worse. mine. mine was so cluttered once, you couldn't even see the real color of the table! but those were some real nice cards! keep up the good work!