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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Masculine showcase

I know that they are very very late but just look at these men folk.

Below using the scrabble letters are Heather's handsome males Heather hosted our Masculine Challenge way back in November... I think you will agree they are just stunning.

Thank you Heather. x

Karen 50 is next with her take on the theme using that fab fab Crafty Individual stamp

Thanks Karen x

Below we have a rainbow of colour complimenting Patti's black and white pictures of her men

Thank you Patti x

Debbie entered into the spirit using Crafty Individual stamps and images keeping her ATC's in the vintage look.

Sorry Debbie not a good scan as I have seen these in real life and they are amazing.
Thank you x

Sheila these are stunning and I would never have thought to have created such gorgeousness he is one good looking guy and the silver crosses are lovely.

And look, we didnt get through this challenge without Sir Tim once again not a good scan as the backgrounds are neat wheat.

Did you see something similar on the post below from Anesha?
Thank you Chris x

Below are mine and right now I cannot think who the main stamp belongs to...well it belongs to me but not sure who manufactured it...Bought from Karen at

A couple of TH ones on the backgrounds.
Thanks for taking part.
Remember this moths challenge is Finger painting backgrounds on old book pages see on the top right of the blog and a few posts below.

Thank you all....More to come in the way of birds, Easel and others
Chriss x


Anesha said...

Wow, stunning ATCs!

Debs said...

Lurve the Masculine atcs. Can't wait to see the swapsies on this one. Debs x

Karen said...

haha I LOVE the faces on your ATC's Chriss!!!!

Such lovely work ladies xxx

Chris said...

Well they all look totally fab as usual Chriss...eveyone's work is amazing and so deliciously different :D
Chris xx

p.s. lol when I scrolled down... great minds think alike eh :D

terminator360 said...

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Anonymous said...

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Shafikul Islam said...

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Anonymous said...

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