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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Last of the BHD ATC's and some pics

I haven't left town although there have been times when I did feel like know when the builders don't turn up when they say they will.
Here are a few pics along with the last of the bad hair day ATC's...
Sorry that they are sooo late but you can see we have been busy here.

This is the the P-bath.... just waiting to be fitted that day.

This is the old toilet which gives a new meaning to an outside you remember having a lavvy down in the yard with newspaper squares hanging on either a 6inch nail or string....and if your dad was sat in the there reading the next days toilet paper and you wanted to go.... you ran up the back lane and asked your aunty if you could use hers... oh to have an outside lavvy that was real posh... going up in the world you were...and boy do I remember my aunty Winnie moving house and having an inside loo AND a bathroom.... no more tin baths in front of the fire...and boy was I lucky.... The 3 boys went in after me...cos I know they weeeeeed in that bath

Here we have the plasterers getting well plastered in the sitting room.

This was only last week Brrr....Alecia GD2 who was 15 yesterday had been forced inside a very small built in wardrobe painting it for with her shower cap on....not the wellies (sisters wellies) they were for going to the outside tap to wash her paint tray out.

Does anyone remember outside taps the only means of water to the house...I do, my mums mam lived in the upstairs flat well it was 1 room actually you did everything in had stairs on the outside and you would have to go down and fetch the water in the kettle, that was then placed on the fire to make a cup of tea.... and if the tap froze over night you had it....we have it sooo lucky

The next 2 pics are my Kitchen that is not yet finished did I live in all of this .... I used that outside tap for 6

At least I can cook a meal in it now... but will be glad when it's completed... Christmas?

The last of the bad hair day ATC's....the 1st is from Paula from Brunei who just happens to be in New Zealand at the mo

Thank you Paula.x
Paula did sent off her Halloween ATC's some time ago .....we have been waiting for them to complete the Halloween swap but it would seem due to the postal strike they may have been lost and so we will have to go ahead with the swap without Paula's....sorry Paula.

The Last of the BHD ATC showcase comes from Karen.... could you imagine waking up to this on a morning....
The scan of this brilliant ATC isn't good SORRY as it really is a great design and those of you who were lucky enough to get one in your swap will know just what I mean.

I wasn't one of the lucky ones... :(

Find Karen over HERE..... Thanks Karen x.
Thank you to everyone who took part in that challenge it seemed we all enjoyed that one.
You still have until the 30th to get your 'KEYS' challenge in....we have received some great ones already ....keep em coming girls.
Decembers challenge will be announced soon... Due to it being will give you a little longer to get them done.
Our Guest Designer is from the UK...keep popping back to meet her
Chriss. xxx


Chriss Rollins said...

thanks to eveyone for their lovely comments

chriss x

Karen said...

Oh Chris I just don't know how you have survived living in that!!!! of my Uncles still uses an outside lav AND cut up newspapers, tho when I went to visit he did buy a toilet roll, just for me to use hahahaha XXX

Susan said...

I remember my grandparents in California living like you described. They had water plumbed in to a sink, but the shower was outdoors, the toilet was outdoors, and they cooked on a gigantic black wood stove!

Glad to hear your renovations are progressing at last, You will feel so wonderful when they are done.

Brilliant BHD ATCs!

Am still hoping to get the key ATCs done - will let you know if I get them in the post! XX

Anonymous said...


Chris said...

OMG ROFL those were the days Chrissy. I remember them well!! Nothing quite like sitting in an outside loo with the icicles hanging of yer nose lol.
Loving the photos, you have come such a long way since you moved into that house but I know you have suffered a lot too... hope it IS finished in time for xmas for fingers are crossed.
Chris xx