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Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894 wrote the book 'Treasure Island' in 1881 for his stepson, it is set in the days of sail ships and pirates ...'Treasure Island' tells of the adventures of Jim Hawkins and his search for the buried treasure of the notorious pirate Captain Flint. How many characters do you remember... Long John Silver... Blind Pew... Captain Smollett... Billy Bones... Jim Hawkins... Doctor Livesey... Squire Trelawney... Ben Gunn and... Captain Flint himself... 'Treasure Island' still remains one of literature's best loved adventure stories.
This fantastic ATC was created by Karen Lawrence sadly (boo hoo) none of our members are lucky enough to own it as it remains in her own collection. TFS. If you would like to find out more on Robert Louis Stevenson click on the above link..
Luv Chriss x


Chriss Rollins said...

well done Karen we love this ATC and I know a few members who would love it in their collection.
chriss x

Denise said...

Anotehr great ATC by Karen. Lovely!

Jaqi said...

Oh Karen this is great, My daughter loves the Pirates of the Carribean and wait till she sees this. Its lovely! Very effective. Well done, Jaqi

Anonymous said...

Wow fab ATC...Well done to Karen,
Hey Chriss I`ve been having internet probs!!!on and off all weekend!!!!I thought it was just me!!!lol...Hmmm maybe the weather has a lot to answer for?Strange!!!lol glad it`s not only me tho...anyhows hope youv`e had a lovely Weekend:)xxx

Cookie Sunshine said...

Yes, this one is great fun. She put a lot of effort into this creation. I like it very much.

Also, thanks for the information regarding ways to Reduce Alzheimer's Stress. I have posted this on my blog so that my readers may benefit as well. You are so very thoughtful.

Thanks Chriss. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with Mama's picture.


Anonymous said...

I would have loved this ATC in my collection it is absolutely fabulous!!

Lauren (mytime) said...

You are the QUEEN of ATC's aren't you! I never thought you could do so much with so little space! You rock!

malieta said...

Hi Chriss!
This ATC is breautiful!

Jennifer Buck said...

How fun! I love these charms! Thanks for sharing and for your kind words and for your awesome giveaway! I have tagged you and hope you will play along. I will post it in a few! Thanks and have a great weekend!:)