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Sunday, 3 October 2010



Have you ever lost the plot, don't know where your going and life gets in the way of the things you know you should be doing but the longer you leave it the harder it is to do it and no amount of reasoning with yourself can change that.

Then the panic and anxiety attacks take over.... I have been here many times but not to the stage where this lovely blog has suffered.

Wth the help of my crafty pal Chris (who you all know) I am back on my computer for the 1st time in 2months. Thank you Chris. x

Sorry there has not been any challenges for a little while and that your lovely swaps have not been sent out...that is about to change as help is coming my way from friends Chris and Debbie.


Monday starts the challenge set by the lovely Linda which I told you about so long ago.

Hope that you have all had a good weekend.


Chris said...

Well done you missus... it's good to see you back and I'm looking forward to the next challenge :D
Many hands make light work so hopefully all will be sorted soon and all will be well with the world again :D
Chris xx

Chriss Rollins said...

Ah THANK YOU Chris xxx

Electra said...

Welcome back Chriss! Be kind to yourself and know you are loved. Everything will get done and there's no rush for any of it. It's just good to know you're OK!

Chris said...

Fabulous ATC!

Susan said...

I'm happy to see you back! Take care of you and don't stress about the blog, OK? Missed you too and hope your puppy is growing up nicely :) I got one of my own his past three weeks!! He is so naughty he makes me laugh. The ATC looks wonderful and I'm looking forward to what the challenge is :) {{{Hugs}}}

Anesha said...

Glad to see you back online. Hugs Anesha

Artyjen said...

(((Big Hugs)))
No worries...easy to say...sometimes worry is all we seem to do!
xoxo Sioux

Gez said...

Tis good to see you back Chris. :) Glad you are okay.xx

My name is CINDY...... said...

Been there, done that. Sometimes you just have to work through it. That is a fantastic piece of artwork, will keep a look out for your challenges.

Karen said...

Awe sweetheart, so please to see you back blogging again. Life can be far too hard sometimes can't it? Never worry about us lot, we are always here when you blog. totally gorgeous piece of work you are showing my lovely.

LOVE & HUGS always XXX said...

So sorry to hear you're having panic attacks, I had them 24/7 for a long time until they found the right meds. I do hope you get our past swaps sent out before I join a new one...

Jaqi said...

Welcome back, hope you are feeling alot better now.

Gaby Bee said...

Welcome back, Chriss! Hope you are feeling better now.
Sending big hugs, Gaby

Pea said...

We've missed you too Chriss, welcome back and know that many of us know how hard it is to come back from that place. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way, lots of love px

Martina2801 said...

Hi Chris,
I`m glad that you`re here again because I have missed you so much. My free time is currently very tight, but maybe I will attend.
What a joy! Jippieh!
Hugs and Love

tinylou said...

welcome back Hun.. have missed not doing the atcs.. have kept checking back at the blog, and paula told me to check you out today!
i DO hope youre doing up there..
sunny brunei is but a distant memory and im back in the UK now..

happy happy that youre back again

mwah xxx

Lynn Stevens said...

glad to see you back with us! I was wondering what happened, life gets in the way sometimes!