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Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Music ATC's

Joey my 7yr old DGS came to stay with granny over the weekend and whilst I was scanning in the Music ATC's he asked to make some music ones.
Joey has been making them since he was just 6.

So we kick off with his Music ATC's this month... he called them 'Joey's band'. Thank you Joey...he took them home to add to his collection... sorry you wont be getting any of his in your swaps. lol.

Number 2, Thanks Tracy Love black and white and the corner punch used hope you received my letter in time.

Number 3 all the way from Australia created by Susan her first attempt at ATC's we hope it won't be your last. Thank you Susan.

Number 4, most of you who know Jaqi would take bets on her doing Elvis for her music if you are a fan you are in for a treat if you get one of these in your swap.
Number 5 Arrived from Brunei .....hello Paula thank you... they are so romantic.
Number 6 is also Paula's which I forgot to post here last month for the Fairytale theme.. Not a good scan sorry in real life it is gorgeous ..the words on the heart read... 'and they lived happily ever after' Thanks Paula.

If any of you visit The Papergirls blog you will know I adore Altering THINGS... well I have been a bad blogger this week due to being busy altering the neighbours cats... what do you think....

They are no different to us they still need their roots doing..... rofpmsl.
NOTICE.. about Our ATC Queen Dottie she now has her own blog which is being run by Wor Jaqi a lot of you will remember the antics Dottie got up to earlier this year at Jaqi's with Fireman Sam!!!!.... well I recommend you pop over and see what she was up to this week just click on over HERE
You can keep up to date with her sure not to miss what she gets up to and if anything like her last adventures you will need your Tena Lady.

What is she up to now???A long post today hope you are still with us.
Bye for now Chriss x


Anonymous said...

These are `wonderful` ATC`s Chriss..I Loves those pussy cats they are fab!!!!Hope you had a great weekend:)~X~

Denise said...

Gorgeous ATCs! Hope I'm on the receiving end of one of them!

Jaqi said...

The music atcs are lovely. again all very different. The cats are fab too, but I dont want one of those in my swaps mind.....not with 2 Staffys, thats for sure !Dotties being very good but quite secretive, somethings brewing ........Jaqi x

Edleen said...

hi Chriss!!! loving your long post today :D

i *heart* the Joey ATCs!!! and the rest as well, they're all so Fab!

Ragtree said...

I don't know what to comment on first! The cards are FABULOUS! I've been toying around with them and they're hard!

Secondly, I LOVE the cats. LOVE the cats!

Renee :)

Chris said...

Fab ATC's Chriss... Joey's are well cute :D I love looking at what everyone creates because they are all soooo different :D
Oh boy those cats!! wonder if I can do that with Hovis...roflmao
Chris xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ATCs Chris :)

Amazing what one can do with a cats ARSE LOL !!

love from sesga xx

Chriss Rollins said...

ROFPMSL at your comment Sesga...But yes it is amazing

chriss x

Kristen Hermanny said...

i love joeys ATCs these are awesome. I wish they had all this stuff available when I was a kid. All we had was crayola crayons and watercolors. It's neat to see young crafters out here too.
Missed your blog while I was gone, glad to be back. These cats are hilarious.

Susan said...

Oh Chriss these ATCs are wonderfuL!

The cat is amazing too - ha ha!

I've also been following Dottie's adventures and am no wondering if I know any Poppets??

Susan said...

Oh and I just saw the PaperCraftCentral logo on your blog!! Thank you, Chriss!! XX

Chris said...

Sumfink on my blog for ya... d'ya wanna join me at the
Chris xx

Kaz Scrapz said...

Some gorgeous ATC's there (Joey's are fabulous). I hope you are well Chrissy :)
xxx Karen