Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards.

Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Saturday 31 May 2008

Tranquility 'ATC Club' challenge #14,15,16

Linda our club member is this week on her holiday's in Greece, We do hope she is enjoying the sun and relaxation as she really does deserve it.
This is one of her Tranquility ATC's, a lot of work went into this one she stamped the lovely bambo image onto shrink plastic...( think that was what she told me at the time of receiving them....sorry if I am wrong but it has been a while since they arrived with me. Linda embellished it with a tiny gold dragonfly...not REAL gold lol. but lovely all the same.
Another of Willow's ATC's our Guest for the tranquility swap for those that didn't see her other tranquility designs earlier Willow is a mixed media artist and I just love her style.
Thanx Willow.Our next ATC has been scanned and i really must apologise to Risa West from Michigon as the scan really does not show off the beauty of this ATC. Many many thanx Risa and if I can get a photo of this ATC from anyone who received one of your in the swap I will post it here again. xx

ATC number 4 in this post was created by Nicola (Enjay) she was also a guest with us on this challenge. Some of you will remember she sent me some fab Dottie ATC's as a swap for some of mine... I will show you the ATC's I am swapping with her .......

next week as I am launching a new blog on Wednesday and will tell you all about it after Monday when Dottie is a guest on her 1st holiday with one of our club members...we will tell you who that member is on Monday :)).

I will say this... she has been preparing for her all week and both are very excited about it.

Sunday is the draw for our blog candy which you can see if you scroll down.. please enter for it if you haven't already... I do have more correct entry names than there are comments as not everyone has a blog address.

Remember Dottie is holding her very own fashion show for us on Monday she wants you to see her holiday outfits... she has been practising the walk all week... bet you cant wait. lol

Have a good Sunday

Luv Chriss 'n' Dottie xx

Friday 30 May 2008

More Tranquility ATC's

Another selection of our Tranquility swaps for you to look at... The 2 very calming butterflies are from Linda 321 seen on Tanda Stamps Forum she one of our guests who joined us on this challenge.

Linda had washed the background i soft blues and greens and then stampeda script stamp making a beautiful background to her butterflies which she coloured and added the tiniest of gold beads and diamonds.

Thank you linda for taking part our club challenge.

Chocolate and pink seem to be some of the 'in' colour combinations and Solance has used them with great effect.

Thanx Solance for your tranquility ATC's and also the blog candy up for grabs on the post below...dont forget to take a look.

Dottie our ATC queen is smiling BIG TIME as she had some fantastic holiday outfits arrive in the post today from both Dubai and S Africa her case is filling up nicely and she wishes to thank everyone who has designed and made such fantastic ATC's just for her and whats more there are even more on the way...She will be giving you a fashion show on Monday...well she does like to show off. :)))

Thanx for stopping by and reading.

Luv Chriss and Dottie xx

Wednesday 28 May 2008

'Sparkle Dreams' blog candy

How would you like to be the winner of this yummy blog candy that has been donated by Solance from 'Sparkle Dreams'. She has chosen a sheet of clear stamps from the Woodware craft collection and with Fathers Day around the corner they are sure to come in useful.

Solance has also chosen for us a 6''x 6'' pad of 48 fabulous papers 6 of each design from Making Memories, now thats alot of card making, scrapbooking and hey dont forget ATC's.

Now then, just what do you have to do to be in with a chance to win it... not a lot apart from going window shopping over at Solances online store. Click on this link and look for the PAPER that we used on the background of the gorgeous ATC below.

When you have found the paper look for its NAME and the PRICE per sheet and then email us with BOTH answers to Please leave a comment telling us you wish to be included in the Random Draw that will take place on Monday the 2nd June.

Happy window shopping and why not invite your friends along to join in with this blog candy fun.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL and have fun searching :)) and if you should spend some money whilst doing your window shopping please dont hold us responsible. LOL

Luv Chriss n Dottie xx

P.S. Dottie wants you to know that she is going on holiday next week to stay with one of our members and she promises to let you know who that person is on Sunday.

Tuesday 27 May 2008

Blog Candy #4

Do you fancy some fab blog candy... well just take a look at this ATC and come back on Wednesday when Dottie and I will be asking a question about it. We will also be showing pics of the goodies you could be in with a chance of winning.
Bet you are all wondering what the question
Luv Chriss n Dottie xx

Blog Candy #4

Just to let you know that we are having trouble uploading pictures for you today, the problem I am told is internal.
Please come back again later as we have blog candy number #4 on offer some fab 6x6 patterned papers and a pk of clear stamps which are ideal for Fathers day cards, gifts and scrap booking plus a whole lot more.

luv chriss n Dottie xx

Monday 26 May 2008

Bank Holiday Monday Shares

Today I thought I would share these gorgeous ladies with you, actually it was Dotties idea really as she just gets so excited when a parcel arrives from our wonderful friend Denise in Dubai.
Denise has sent about 25 for me over the last 2 months ..I am sooooo lucky and proud to add them to my collection and so with Dotties help we will be sharing them with you from time to time.

They are just too lovely to keep them all to myself that would be just plain greedy... so please enjoy them. Christina Aguilera eat your Art out!! P.S. Sharing them as letting you see them.

Thanx Denise, love you to bits and miss you.
Luv Chriss x Dottie x

Sunday 25 May 2008

last day to vote on Scrapz challenge see post below

The above 5 ATC's were created using a plain white ATC, 1 ink pad, 1 stamp, bleach and bubble wrap and if you would like one of them they are free to a good home.
Please leave a comment telling us which you would like.
There are another 2 ANGEL ATC's below on another post to choose from

Its the last day for voting over at SCRAPZ on her challenge entries.. please pay a visit via SCRAPZ blog on the right.

Luv Chriss 'n' Dottie xx

another 2 for grabs

Another 2 ANGEL ATC's created with bleach and 1 ink pad... can you tell Dottie and I have been going Bleach Crazy and having fun.

If you would like any one of the 7 posted today please just pop a mesage in the comments box and provided it hasnt gone yet its yours.

This is just our way of saying thanx for all the lovely comments over the months.

Please remember this is the last day for voting for your fave ATC over at SCRAPZ

Luv Chriss 'n' Dottie xx

Saturday 24 May 2008

please vote on scrapz challenge. these 3 ATC's are spoken for, more freebies later today x

Stamp from 'Scrapz'

Happy Saturday to all,

Dottie and I have been playing once again with our ink pads and bleach we had so much fun we have created a half dozen or more of this ATC in different finishes however all of them were made using only

1 white atc card
1 ink pad
1 stamp
some bleach
some bubble wrap.

These 3 ATC's are up for grabs if you would like one just let me know which one in the comments.

Dont forget that Karen has some wonderful
ATC's that have been entered for her challenge.. so please pop over by clicking on her 'SCRAPZ' blog on the right and if you see a favourite please vote for it, it will only take a moment to press a button.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of
the weekend.

There could be a few more BLEACH ATC's

up for grabs tomorrow so why not pop by if you would like one.

Luv Chriss 'n' Dottie xx

Friday 23 May 2008

Tranquility 'ATC Club' challenge #9 /10

Would you just look at these 2 fab ATC's the more I look the more I am sitting in each setting relaxed and enjoying the calmness.


A garden of colour
and perfume filled with the melody of bird song...
The lovely ATC with those beautiful words attached to it was created by our member
Tracy Dudmish, thanx Tracy for joining in the swap

The other gorgeous ATC has been created by Val Wallis another of our members, she has very cleverly devided the photo into 16 squares and we love it, it would make a great advertisement in a holiday brochure.
well done to both girls.

A message has been left by the Birthday Boy Leigh.
Thanking you for your well wishes as you made his day and also he tells us that that is not a staple in his head and that it is his Halo. Yeh Alright Leigh. lol.

Luv Chriss 'n' Dottie xx Have a great weekend.
Don't forget 2 pop over to Scrapz blog to vote for your fave challenge ATC see post beneath Dottie ATC's. xx

Thursday 22 May 2008

3 posts today

As Promised some Dottie ATC's...

How lucky am I to receive 4 Fab ATC's in
todays post.
I have told you all b4
everyday is like my birthday when the postman comes and you can see why. LOL.

These 4 are part of a set of Enjay's limited edition which she created and am I so proud to have them in my collection.

There was alot of thought put into Disco Dottie
dancing around her hand bag
and the arms, now thats an 80's
along with the leg warmers.

The hair and rollers is a 60's without a doubt.
Dottie knitting I must say that is a very good kitty sat next to that ball of wool as my cats would have been tangled up in it ... well isn't that what wool is for?
Soon enough we will be showing our very own ATC Queen Dottie with her summer wardrobe.
Keep them coming in.
Once again thanxxxxxx so much to Enjay check out her blog under Nicola on the right hand side.
and want to know more about Dottie click on the Dottie button at the top right corner.
Another 2 posts below this one, arn't you the lucky ones .. LOL

Luv Chris 'n' Dottie xx


Karen over at 'Scrapz' posted a challenge on her
blog inviting us to create an ATC however at first glance you may have thought 'no way'.

Here are the rules she set us...

The challenge, if you choose to accept, is to create an ATC using only:
1 white ATC card
printed words
1 ink pad
1 rubber stamp
Homemade stamps (non crafting items found around the home that you can use to stamp with such as bottle lids, bubble wrap and bleach etc.)

Karen tells me she was inspired by the ATC I swapped with her ...I had used Bleach on it giving it a fab look.
It can be seen in the SCRAPZ gallery. Click on Karens Shop on the right.
And as Dottie and I love creating ATC's using bleach we set to and this was the 1st one we created going by the rules...

On this 1st ATC the background is Spray Tan (it looked better on the ATC than it did on me less steaks, lol)
Dottie then chose the flower stamp and coated it in BLEACH we stamped where we thought it would look 'arty' and then watched the flower take shape very slowly we thought ..yep we like that..
we then washed and dried the stamp and added black ink to it
Stamping over the Bleached flower giving it a shadow effect
Next we decided to put a tiny drop of water in the centre of the flowers and covered the water in sugar .. shaking off the excess and left it to dry... 3D.
Found a few words and hey presto one gorgeous ATC even if I say so myself. Click on the ATC to enlarge and you will get a better look at the bleached back ground effect
So it can be done without it costing the earth although we may use earth on our next
We have entered another ATC for the challenge as we got carried away... why not click onto the SCRAPZ Blog on the right and pay a visit and see the fabulous creations these ATC-ers have come up with.

Karen has a voting poll and so if you have a favourite ..go ahead and place your vote...the voting closes on Sunday.

Thanx for reading and for all your comments that you leave us it makes our day in blogging land.
Chriss 'n' Dottie xx

My Baby

Happy Birthday to Leigh
Happy Birthday to Leigh
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Leigh
This is my baby he is 32 today, Happy Birthday Leigh
The pic was scanned from a tiny passport pic and that thing in the top of his head is a staple it's not a growth.
He's gorgeous but then I am His Mother LOL
The spelling of his name was taken from the town Leigh so we were way ahead of the celebs who named their off spring after the place they were conceived... not that leigh was conceived there I just prefered the spelling.
Dottie ATC 's being posted later this evening.
luv Chriss 'n' Dottie xx

Tuesday 20 May 2008

Tranquility 'ATC Club' challenge #8

Morning all,

We hope that everyone is enjoying the good weather :)) a little bit of sunshine is a brilliant feel good factor.
Our 2 ATC's we are showing today are from Chris at
she is also our Uk Ambassador for

I must apologise once again this month for the poor quality of the pictures... the ATC's do not like to be scanned.
Their true colours really are gorgeous, sorry Chris x
love the Faux stitching and Dottie just loves her glitter wings and pretty dress and what girl wouldnt..

Dottie and I are both wondering just what is being said between her and the bird...
no prizes and just for fun ''please tell us in no more than 20 words what you think is being said''.
Dottie thinks that the beautiful fairy is giving her feathered friend a shopping list for chocolate.
What do you think?

sorry we have not had time to talk through our thoughts on who we are passing the 'YOU MAKE MY DAY' award onto.

Luv Chriss x & Dottie x

P.S. Remember to scroll down the posts for both our Dottie & Elizabeth challenges. x
We have been on our travels and have seen some of the lovely gifts made for Elizabeth on your blogs.. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH X

Monday 19 May 2008

Tranquility 'ATC Club' challenge #7

We like this ATC it's showing a fabulous sunset which could almost be a setting from a 007 movie.. I could almost be her in the picture except I don't have long hair...haha the rest is sooo me... not... haha... oh, how I wish!
This very calming and tranquil ATC was created by Crissi Harvey a Co blogger of Arty Girlz challenge blog.
Thanx Crissi, Dottie and I both love it and I can relate to this fab pic from living in Spain and Dottie is hoping to be able to one day relate to it too.. with all the holidays she has been invited on I think she possibly will.
Mind you Dottie isnt the only one as Denise and Jessie our South African members have invited me along with Dottie on holidy in SA...WOW I thank you soooo much and hope one day I get to meet you both xx.
Another suprise for us today is from Susan in Australia she has chosen our blog for an award... it is the 'You Make My Day' Award.. Both Dottie and I are thrilled to receive it on behalf of our members, guests and visitors because without you there would be no blog. Thank you Susan. x
We must pass this award on to 5 bloggers who make our day, Dottie and I will decide tomorrow and let you know who we have chosen.
Luv Chriss & Dottiexx
P.S. Remember to scroll down the posts for both our Dottie & Elizabeth challenges. x
We have been on our travels and have seen some of the lovely gifts made for Elizabeth on your blogs.. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH X

Sunday 18 May 2008

Tranquility 'ATC Club' challenge #6

Hi, Dottie and I are back from a lovely Family orientated weekend with my daughter and grandchildren lots of laughter, we hope you all had a fab weekend too.

This Gorgeous ATC was created by
Michelle who sees 'Tranquility as a disposition free from stress or emotion'

This scanning does not show the true fabulous colours of this ATC and those of you who were lucky enough to receive one of Michelle's will agree.

Thank you.

Chriss & Dottie x

P.S. Remember to scroll down the posts for both our Dottie & Elizabeth challenges. x

A little bit of vintage

Good Morning and apologies for not posting any of our club Tranquility ATC's yesterday we were invited to stay over for the weekend... joining in family games, laughter, topping and tailing to get a bed... all great fun and very much needed.

The ATC we have posted until we return home later is one we found which had been uploaded some time ago but had not been posted, just wanted to share something with you for now.

Comments about burning the candle at both ends have been noted:))) and we have managed to sleep better this weekend.
Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday whatever you are doing.

Luv Chris & Dottie xx

Friday 16 May 2008

Just a note


Dottie here to say sorry we didnt blog yesterday as it was one busy and
hectic day.
I woke late after a girls night with Chris and Chriss we spent the evening doing a bit of crafting and chatting 'til gone 2am. Chris left and up the stairs we went and with a mug of hot chocolate and this months 'Crafts Beautiful Mag' and what do you think... just who was there featured on the inside...go on have a wrong ... It was my mum Louise on page 16.
We ended up reading the mag 'til 4.30am.

Then there was all the excitemant of the new Fiskars blog going live Hosted by Chris Rowe Congratulations Chris x

It was then time to head over to look after 4 of Chriss' g/children over night,
they are all settled in bed and so just before we pop off to bed our selves we just wanted to catch up with you.
We will be back later with some more Tranquility ATC's :)))

Luv Chriss & Dottie xx

Thursday 15 May 2008

Tranquility 'ATC Club' challenge #5

Hello to everyone,

More from our Tranquility ATC challenge.

These two ATC's we are showing today have been created by Nicola (enjay) the one on the right she has called 'Serene Tranquility' and it's easy to see why, isn't she just beautiful... love her to bits x

Nicola's tranquility ATC on the left is called 'Tranquil shores 1'.
She has built up the art work and stamped the fern giving a tropical feel
I love the way she embossed the passport it really does look the business.
Bet you are all thinking about your summer hols for this year...I have been asked over to Dubai to spend mine with my lovely friend Denise.. lets hope the bank manager loves me enough to let me go.. as it would be rude not to after being invited...dont you agree??? :)))). Hi Denise xx, just telling everyone where I hope to be this year... crafting in Dubai amongst other things of course.
Thanx goes to Nichola for taking on the challenge we here at 'The Artist Trading Club' set. We will be showing 2 more of Nichola's 'Tranquility' ATC swaps later in the month.

Thank you for reading.
Dottie and I have been busy making back grounds for ATC's and its been one of those days when we really did not achieve anything to talk about.
Hopefully we will get more done tonight as Chris my blogging and crafting buddy is on her way over.

Luv Dottie x & Chriss x
P.S. Remember to scroll down to the last 2 posts for both our Dottie & Elizabeth challenges. x

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Meet Elizabeth

This is a picture of Elizabeth a beautiful young girl I am sure you will agree.
Elizabeth is 'Cookie Sunshine's' Mama.
I dont remember how I came across Cookies blog ..on one of my late night blog hopping sessions no doubt... and since then i have followed cookies diary of events about herself and her mama Elizabeth.
Elizabeth suffers from Alzheimers.
The following is taken from Cookies blog....

When I began blogging I had no intention of sharing so much with you about my Mother or talking about her dementia. I felt that Alzheimers should be talked about quietly with friends or family. I didn't plan to talk about nursing homes, care givers, memory loss, feeling lost, or bleeding legs. I was going to stick to art.
In the beginning I believed that talking about these things would be some sort of boundary violation because my Mother has always been a very private person, and I didn't really think that anything positive would come from sharing our daily experiences online.
But one day I wrote about my Mother for
Show and Tell at Kelli's House and what followed really amazed me. Not only did I receive several online comments, but I also received a huge number of personal emails from women who either have a parent, grandparent, sibling, or other family member or friend with the disease, or they wrote about someone who has passed on and the experience and how their lives had been affected. I've been very touched by the kindness and the support from this community. Because of this I've come to believe that it's important to share our story with the hope that some of you might benefit through my Mama's experience.
Last week I purchased a little flip video camera. The purpose was so that I could video Logan during his stand up routine.

Yesterday we recieved the most wonderful package in the mail and I found a new reason for the camera. Mya at Creative Musings With Mya created a simply perfect red felt hat for my Mother and sent it to her as a gift. Mya does not know Mama. She has never met her, nor has she met me in person. We are blogging pals. I helped with a bit of technical info for her blog banner and she decided that she wanted to create this hat as a kindness for my Mother.
Believe me, what I did for her was nothing in comparison. Words can't express how much this hat is appreciated. Mama will wear this hat for red hat tea parties, but she can also wear it on days when her hair doesn't look it's best. She has a lot of days when hats come in handy.
This morning Logan and I drove over for a visit and gave Mama her new hat. I made this video. It's not the best video in the world. I'll improve. You'll notice that she's confused. You'll get a sense of what dementia is all about. But you will also see that even with dementia, there is still happiness and fun. Our lives have changed, and it is sad, but we still have a lot of love and so very much to be thankful for.
Me ..
Since this video was taken in April, Elizabeth has fallen and broken not only her shoulder but her hip too... thankfully both operations went well but because of her Alzheimers she didnt understand any of the time being in hospital nor understood the pain she went through, this all happened days before her birthday.
The update is that Elizabeth left hospital on 30th April, her birthday and is doing well.

We had planned this post sometime before her fall,
What I would love is for you to take on a challenge using this lovely picture of Elizabeth to make a little gift for her in the shape of either a Tag, an ATC, a note book, a little brag book, a gothic arch, the choice is yours, you decide.
If you do have the time we thank you for taking on the challenge and understand if you don't.
Cookies blog is listed on the right click on to get in touch with her for her snail mail address. Check out her blog for the most amazing doodles some of which she did whilst waiting in the hospital. Oh and her birthday cakes that she makes and decorates... they are stunning.... themselves a piece of art.
Thank you for reading and have a lovely evening.
Kind permission has been given by Cookie Sunshine for you to use Elizabeths photograph on your own art work provided you do not use it where the art work is for sale, enjoy.

Luv Chriss x

Monday 12 May 2008

Dottie, our very own ATC Queen

Hello from Dottie and Hello from me.

Apologies for Dottie being a day late introducing herself but I had to dash over and child mind my grand children last might and took Dottie with me, well I couldn't just leave her on her own could I and not because she can't take care of herself but because she would have been into all my stash... making ATC's until the 'shilling' ran out lol.
Now don't get me wrong I don't mind sharing but I still have some fave papers I want to keep for a while longer (as I am opening a new crafting blog at the end of the May using some fab goodies I have received from a lovely lady by the name of Lindsay who I will tell you all about then.) When we returned from C.M. last night, Dottie couldn't sleep and was up very late making ATC's which she will show you at a later date.
So when Dottie finally went to bed at 4am-ish I had to wake her as she slept in and by the time she had some breakfast, showered, did her hair, decided what she was going to wear, answered her fan mail before she would even consider making a grand entrance. All this time I am sat tapping my fingers... she is now here... :))))
So for those of you that didn't read our post on Sunday lets introduce Dottie..
.. she is our very own 'ATC Queen' created by Louly who you can read all about if you click onto 'Dotties Mums blog' we are so lucky and thrilled to have Dottie in our club, please could you leave a comment making her welcome... as I have to live with her!!! apart from when she is on holiday for 6 weeks of the year and will be coming to stay with one of her club members.
Now this will be 6 x 1 week holidays with 6 different members... if you are one of the lucky ones she chooses to come and stay with you must post a daily blog telling us what you and Dottie got up to.... yes all of it...cream cakes the lot. If you would like to be chosen for a 'holiday week' with Dottie please let me know in the comments box.
IF at anytime you are going off to a crafting fair or similar and would like to take Dottie along just let us know and when you return you MUST blog all about your day and who you met, what you purchased, what you would like to put on your wish list... how many glasses of wine you were invited to taste and what freebies you picked up going around the stalls... just so we can visit the same ones, lol, if we are lucky enough to get there another time.

Now then looking at Dottie today she is in need of a new wardrobe and so here is your challenge and it's open to all of our readers.

Using our Dottie above just copy her and print her off making 3 identical ATC's with her wearing a lovely new outfit can colour her, paint her, paper piece her.... that's up to you... once you have created her new outfit send in 2 of your atc's with a SAE contact me to get my address if you don't already have it .
Dottie will send you back 2 'ATC Dottie Swaps' from those of you who take on the challenge
I can hardly wait to get going making mine.
You have until the end of this month for Dottie to receive them... please leave a comment letting me know you will be taking part if you want to go down in crafting history involved in our very '1st Dottie ATC Queen Summer Wardrobe'

Have fun creating and thanx for reading if you are still awake and know it was a long post but it needed to be how else is a girl going to make her debut.
Luv Chriss x

Our 'ATC Queen' Dottie, may only be used for 'challenges that we the club set' she may not be used for any other purpose as she belongs to our club... taking her away from her family and friends could be very traumatic for all concerned.
Please respect our feelings, thank you. :))) xxxxxx

Sunday 11 May 2008

Dotties World

'Dotties World'
Who is Dottie you may be wondering
well she is the creation of the very talented Louly a teaching assistant from Hull, Louly has based Dottie on herself and if you take a little time out and visit her blog
you can see a photo of Louly as a toddler and boy has that look been captured.
Whilst searching for it you will come across 'cards' that have been made by Louly based on Dottie and wait for it... Dotties boyfriend George... this famous pair are the Posh & Becks of the crafting world and with the initials D&G how can they go wrong.
Dottie and George are available in down loads at
You can get 'Dress up Dottie' 'Dottie at home' 'Fun time Dottie' 'Dottie at Work' we will all know someone who can relate to them, one of my faves is Dottie sat at her office desk with her shoes kicked off, how many of us have done that at work?
George can also be down loaded on the same site with Dottie... Louly has created 'Sporty George' and 'George at work' and with Father's Day coming up soon you are sure to find a George you can relate to.. George in uniform ... Mmm like a man in uniform. LOL.
Dottie even has her own blog exciting is that? You can pop over and see what she gets up to (but not until you have finished reading this post as it gets better LOL) Dottie is running a Challenge Sunday for you and what better way to spend a Sunday apart from doing 'OUR ATC CHALLENGES' of course...
and on that note... da da...
Louly has designed just for us our very own 'Dottie' 'The Artist Trading Club' has its very own I excited, you bet I am, I have the widest grin from ear to ear and just can't thank Louly enough for her kindness.... THANK YOU x
....'Dottie The ATC Queen' Can you Imagine...well you will just have to imagine a little while longer least until tomorrow ... when I will be showing her off to you.... as TODAY is Dottie's, Georges and Louly's day, if you havnt already met them you can click on the Dotties World button on the top right hand corner of our blog... you can also see examples of Dottie and George which have been designed by Nicola (Enjay) Your children/grandchildren are going to love what she has done with Dottie.... I can see Dottie bedrooms popping up all over the place by using plain white bedding, plain white lamp shades and Pj's... having said all that, visit Nicola's blog and she will give you tips on how to achieve 'Dottie Fashions' for this summer.
Thanx for reading, thats if you are still here and have not gone off in search of Dottie. LOL

Happy Mothers Day to All our International Mums.
Luv Chris x

Saturday 10 May 2008


We interupt this broadcast to bring you some fab and exciting news about my blogging friend and yours the very funny and talented Chris Rowe ... click on her link to find out what its about


luv Chriss x

Friday 9 May 2008

Tranquility 'ATC Club' challenge #4

Here are 2 ATC's from a set of 4 which Denise created for her 'Tranquility' monthly challenge.
Sorry Denise my scanning of them just does not do them justice
The colours are calming and I adore that butterfly stamp... please tell us who's it is.
Thanx for sharing.
Hope you are enjoying the sun in Dubai.... We are getting some of it too.

Luv Chriss x

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Birthday Girl, Karen

Happy Birthday To you
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Karen
Happy Birthday To You With Luv from our club members and blogger friends we hope you have a lovely day and DH spoils you to bits

Luv Chriss x


Tranquility 'ATC Club' challenge #3

These 2 ATC's are the Fantastic work of our Birthday girl Karen she entered them for the ATC ' Tranquility' theme.
Karen just amazes me with her ideas she has such a wide creative style and I am so pleased she is a member of our ATC club sharing her talent each month with 4 of our other members
Look out for her other 2 she entered later in the month.
Luv Chriss x

Monday 5 May 2008

Club Challenge, Tranquility #2

It is not in the stars
These 2 fab ATC's are from our talented guest Kim at Scrapdragon she works fulltime and also manages to run an online store from her home in Hartlepool which is just up the road from me and around the corner from Chris, Chris also lives in Hartlepool...a small world maybe 1 day we could meet up.
Just by using the different back ground papers Kim shows how to achieve a slightly warmer feel to the 2nd one.

Thanx Kim for taking on our Challenge your swaps are in the post.

Hope you have all had a lovely Bank holiday Monday and managed a bit of crafting.

Luv Chriss x