Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards.

Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Artist trading Cards. Artist Trading Cards, Artist TradingCards.

Monday 31 March 2008

By Edward Lear 1812-88

This super ATC was created for us by the talented Denise Long our club member who lives in Dubai, Hello Waving madly, thanx Denise, those of us who were lucky enough to get one of yours in last months swap just LOVE IT... and here is the first verse from the poem.
The owl and the pussycat..
The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat.
They took some honey, and plenty of money
Wrapped up in a five pound note.
The Owl looked up at the stars above,
And sang to a small guitar,
'Oh lovely Pussy(cat)!
O Pussy(cat) my love,
What a beautiful Pussy(cat) you are,
You are,You are!
What a beautiful Pussy(cat) you are!'

That brings back childhood memories for a number of us, thankyou, sending (((hugs))) your way.
thanx for the 7 RAK ATC's you sent me they are fabulous and considering you are working with your travel craft kit you are brilliant... i will post them at the weekend to show everyone...dont cringe cos i know you will be.. smiling. take care enjoy the sun but leaves some for me for when i get there!
Luv Chriss x

William Blake 1757-1827

This was Sharons first entry into an ATC swap we are pleased that she took on the challenge, she chose a poem about 'Angels' by the famous poet William Blake, She used an angel stamp from Tandastamps.. see their link on the right.
To find out how Sharon achieved this look why not pop along to her blog where she explains it for us.. get yourself a cup of tea and a choccie biscuit.. however if you are like me and on a diet have 'richtea' biccies instead
Sharon also has other lovely arty stuff for you to look at...
Thanx Sharon for taking on our challenge.
Luv Chriss x

Sunday 30 March 2008

#2 blog candy winner

We have a WINNER the lovely Susan from Australia would you just look at that smile.. its catching ...Susan smiles like this even before she knows that she has won. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she reads this just to see her smile. Thanx Susan for joining in our fun blog candy challenge. Not only does Susan like blog candy she loves chocolate too just like me.
The stunning blog candy was created by the talented Nikky from thanx Nikky your unique ATC creations are on their way to pastures new, I wish I was going with them. LOL
Luv Chriss x
More blog candy next week x

Saturday 29 March 2008

The Lady of Shalott

Lord Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892), English poet often regarded as the chief representative of the Victorian age in poetry. Tennyson succeeded Wordsworth as Poet Laureate in 1850.
Click on above link if you would like to read the whole poem... you better get yourself a cup of tea or something stronger.. you are going out and you maybe some time.
Below is the verse where you will find the words which have been used on this fabulous ATC created by Linda a very talented crafter, it is truely gorgeous, I can tell you that with hand on heart as I am proud to have it in my collection... oh! wasn't I the lucky one.
Part 3 verse 13
She left the web, she left the loom, She made three paces through the room, She saw the water-lily bloom, She saw the helmet and the plume, She looked down to Camelot. Out flew the web and floated wide;
The mirror cracked from side to side; "The curse is come upon me," cried The Lady of Shalott.
Linda has given a brief outline to the famous poem....
...The Lady of Shalott was cursed and imprisoned on an island.
She wove a colourful web on a loom.
She looked at the world through a reflection in a mirror.
She wasn’t allowed to cast her eyes on the knights who rode by on their way to Camelot.
One day Sir Lancelot rode by and HE WAS GORGEOUS!
She couldn’t resist a look and ‘pow’ the curse was on her and her mirror cracked.
She climbed in a boat, sailed down the river and died.

All of that for just one look, thats worrying!!
Linda thanx for sharing that with us and for joining our ATC Club we are thrilled to have you on board.
Luv Chriss x

Thursday 27 March 2008


Lewis Carroll was born Charles Dodgson on January 27 1832 in Cheshire, where his father Charles was a vicar. His parents moved to Croft near Darlington and Charles attended Richmond Grammar School in Yorkshire which just so happens that my oldest 2 children attended the same school for a short period during the time we lived in Catterick, it was outside of our catchment area but after setting an entrance exam they got in.
Talking about getting into your chosen school my oldest grandson Curtis went for an informal interview today to get on the uni course he wanted and the interview turned into his entrance interview, he was given a place there and then, unconditionally, can you hear me cheering? We are so proud of him.. huge smile on my face as there were only 24 places available, these students will have 3 tutors working with them for the 2 years it will take to complete the 'Film and Production' course. There are only 5 colleges throughout the country offering this. Curtis has always from an early age wanted to produce films he has been writing music and lyrics for so long and his primary school music teacher from Northallerton always said about Curtis to watch this space... and so Mrs Burns if you are reading this you will be proud of him, do you remember when he wrote a poem for/about you and you hid in the store cupboard so the class didn't see you crying. LOL. Curtis was in shock today for a few hours after his interview and of course we are all sooo proud of him you couldn't tell... Love you Curt.
OK, back to this fab ATC, sorry but I was a little side tracked for a moment but I think that's ok today, don't you?
''Beware of the Jabberwocky'' was designed and created by Karen from Scrapz a talented lady.. see her link below for her online shop.
Thanx Karen also for the fabulous blog candy you have donated... look out for it everyone because if you like charms... all 60+ of them... yes 60+ they are coming your way... soon MAKE A NOTE OF IT.
Luv Chriss x

Wednesday 26 March 2008

Poetry swaps for Feb '08

Hi, this is the start of our Poetry swaps through our club members and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as i did when they arrived, I just wanted to run away with all of them I can tell you. lol.
The one on the right is the work of the lovely and talented Nikky (see her shop link further down) thanx Nikki I love it and so did the four members who received one of yours. Although I wasnt lucky enough to get one in the swap Nikki made me one for myself :))) thanku.
The ATC on the left is mine and I had a little stamp made with the verse.. the lovely Bobby Vee .. (what do you mean who is he) I was singing that song for weeks just couldnt get it out of my head, felt a bit like Kylie M... I didnt say i looked like her ..I wish.
Dont forget the blog candy a bit further down the page.
Luv Chriss x

Sunday 23 March 2008

Blog Candy #2

Welcome to my 2nd blog candy which is up for grabs if you would like to own these 3 fabulous ATC's pictured above (which have been created and donated by the very talented Nikki from Fat Freddie's) all you have to do to own them is visit this link and find the price of the paper I posted earlier today under 'Freddies Friends' just leave a comment on my blog saying you would like to take part and then email me with the correct price to Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.
The draw will take place on Sunday 30th March
Good Luck to you all.
Luv Chriss X

Freddie's Friends

Hello, where have I been I hear you ask... not on my blog that's for sure... but I think you will forgive me when I say I have had a crafting weekend at my pal Chris' The paper you see above is connected to the blog candy give away which will be posted later this evening.
Hope you have all eaten lots of YUMMY chocolate ;)) and feeling happy.
Luv Chriss x

Love Challenge

The above ATC is my entry into Chris' LOVE challenge and you still have time to enter into it, just click on for the rules and see the blog candy that is up for grabs. Go on give it a whirl.
Luv Chriss x

Thursday 20 March 2008

Thank you Monday on Thursday

Hello all,
I didnt get to do my thank you's on Monday due to my Internet being out of action so here we go.
Thankyou to Chris my crafting buddy and blogger for inviting me along to enjoy the day with her and her family on Sunday it was lovely to meet them and a great day was had by all.
A HUGE thank you to Lesli too who added my blog to her 'Inspirational Monday'... what an honour!
Thanx goes to all who take on my challenges and send in such fantastic ATC swaps because it is your work too that got me mentioned.
Luv Chriss x


I have a huge smile on my face as after posting just a little while ago I went into my post and lo and behold is a couple of ATC's sitting in draft form waiting to be used at a later date and I am soooo happy I am able to share this one with you today as its been toooo long since I did,
This stunning ATC arrived with me just a few says before my Dearest friend Denise moved out to Dubia and I was saving it to post and share with you all on 'International Friendship Day' well that day has arrived early in blog land, lol.
I have promised myself I will always have a back up of ATC's in 'draft form' incase of emergencies.
Thanx Denise for your fabulous card it has a very special place in my collection and thanx too for your phone call on Tuesday it was lovely to hear your voice.. miss you loads.
Luv Chriss x

Sorry xx

Hello, I am sorry I have not been around for a couple of days, my internet is down :((.
I am posting this from my daughters however I am unable to post any pictures as i cant get into my files from her computer.
Annalies thanx for your addy your lovely stamps will be on the way to you soon, :))
As soon as my Internet is sorted I have some FABULOUS blog candy to give away and some stunning ATC's to share with you.
Hope you all get to eat as much chocolate as you want, it is allowed as it's Easter and you have my permission not to feel guilty.
Have a lovely weekend and i will be back again soon.
Luv Chriss x

Sunday 16 March 2008

My First Blog Candy Winner

Annelies from Belgium.... Congratulations!!!
Your name was picked at random from all of the visitors who left a comment and sent in the correct answer £4 58p I am delighted to announce you are my first blog candy winner. Many thanks to all of you for taking part in this fun competition I am only sorry you couldn't all be winners but better luck next time ;)). There will be more blog candy up for grabs soon.
Annelies would you be so kind as to send an ATC made with your lovely new stamps and I will post it here for everyone to see.
Enjoy using them, thanks goes to for their kindness in donating this very generous prize.
Luv Chriss x

Friday 14 March 2008

Grandma's Front Room

Do you wish to own this 'Grandma's front room' ATC as it is up for an 'open swap' the picture above is number 2 has a pair of eye glasses instead of the rocker.
from the set of 5 it's showing a rocking chair however the one that you will receive is number 4 in the set..if you wish to make a swap with the ATC just put your name in the comments box and a message to say you want to do a swap then email me for my home address to send me your swap on any theme you wish, please include a stamped SAE to enable me to send out your swap to you.
This is the last in this series to be swapped.
Once again thanx goes to Denise our member from
Luv Chriss x

Knit 1 Purl 1 ( this 1 is now traded )

This quirky ATC is up for an open swap all you have to do is place your name in the comments box. To make the swap just e-mail me to get my address so you can send your swap in and please include a stamped SAE to enabe me to send this fun ATC onto you.
Your swap will be going off to Dubai to be proudly added to Denises fab ATC collection. :))
Just a note..
..where this atc shows the number 2 on it the one you will receive will have the number 1 on it, it is part of a set of 5, this being the last one to be swapped.
thanx Denise.
Luv Chriss x

Wednesday 12 March 2008

Get ahead get a hat

Audrey Hepburn dazzled the silver screen with her magic in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's ' and 'My Fair Lady' (my mum's favorite film) Gregory Peck (my mum's heart throb) once described her as 'a magical combination of high chic and high spirits... Audrey Hepburn that is, not my mum.. lol.. although had he known my mum he would have said the same about her at the time as she was soo Chic wth her size 8/10 figure even after 5 children... she knew how to wear her clothes.
Our thanx goes to Wendy for this lovely ATC.
Don't forget the blog candy below,the chance to own it doesnt close 'till Sunday it has been kindly donated
a fabulous online shop.. GOOD LUCK
Luv Chriss x

Monday 10 March 2008

Thankyou Monday

A huge thanx to all of the visitors to my blog who are taking part in the verrrry 1st 'Artist Trading Cards and Me' blog candy give away challenge and from your comments and great emails it would seem you are really having fun and enjoying what you have to do just to be in with a chance to own these fabulous stamps.
GOOD LUCK to you all :)))

Sunday 9 March 2008

Bird Watching, Blog Candy

WOW, how would you like to be in with a chance to own these exciting new bird stamps from all you have to do is checkout the 'Friends' ATC below and then visit the link above to the online shop and answer one simple question,the stamp used on the ATC is CI 084, find the stamp and then answer this question... what is the price of the stamp?
Once you have found it, leave a message in the comments on my blog to say that you wish to be entered into a random draw to win the 'blog candy' AND then... email me the answer at... it's as simple as that.
G O O D L U C K.
The draw will take place on sunday the 16th March you have 1 week happy searching. :))
Luv Chriss x


This is one of my favourite stamps bought from and I never get tired of using it. I stamped these 2 little girls using a chocolate coloured ink ( you know I love chocolate :) ) onto a very special post card which I purchased whilst on holiday... 2yrs ago, I added chocolate brown gingham ribbon and a cream paper flower held in place by a bronze brad then I stamped the dictionary meaning of 'Friend' across the bottom of it. Karen, a friend I have met online has added this ATC to her collection.Take a good look at this ATC as you will be asked a question about it later today, if you want to be in with a chance of owning some fab blog candy.
love Chriss x

Friday 7 March 2008

Milan Lady

Today I am adding this card which I created to be able to join in with ''My Paper World'' Sketch Challenge'' but that was only after i was 1stly challenged by Chris to take on the challenge...LoL.
the tape 'measurement' paper is from 7 gypsies, the stitched tag from Memories Complete, the beautiful female 'transparency' comes from the love letters page 1 which i purchased from Crafty Individuals, the 'Forever n Ever' stamp is a WillnWay sentiment and the 'bloom' stamp is one from the Stampendous collection.Sadly I cannot remember who the lovely metal corner embellishment is from.The clock hands I cut from thick kraft cardstock.
This is my first card for a 'Sketch Challenge'.
Love Chriss x

poppy love

I adore this little number and once again this proves that very often less is more. Who wouldn't want a little black number as stylish as this in their collection, it's designer is Caroline from Bubbly Funk.
So sorry I never got to post on Thursday I was crafting for 12 hours with Chris crafting and chocolate and chocolate and crafting and so no blogging from either of us as we didnt end our girly day 'till 1am.
Coming up on Sunday I am offering some gorgeous ''blog candy'' from the very talented Jean and Malcom from Crafty indivduals...pop along to see what you have to do to be in with a chance of owning it.
thanx Carolynn for your gorgeous ATC.
Luv Chriss x

Wednesday 5 March 2008

For ever and ever

Yet another of our gorgeous January ATC swaps this time Denise used the ''eternal frame'' from some ''ATC candy'' that I gave her last year when she came to stay with me for a week of crafting and carpet picnic's ;)) mostly done in our PJ's infact we only got out of them if we were going shopping for more stash.. LOL .. isn't that what we crafter's do ?? Hands up how many have crafted in your pj's... I knew it, thousands of you. LOL ..Thanx Denise.
Luv Chriss x

Tuesday 4 March 2008

The man himself

Hey... am I happy or am I happy ...the man 'himself' left me a comment on my blog.. the very TIM HOLTZ, yes, believe it. .. honest. Huge THANKYOU Tim for taking the time, I know you are one busy man xx take a look and be inspired.
Luv Chriss x

The winner takes it all

Although this ATC is not one of our January challenges it is copied from a birthday card my youngest son made in May 2006.. ''Hello Leigh, I used his idea on one of my first ATC's, dont you think it fits in well with the colour scheme... Leigh thanx for the idea x.
luv Chriss x

Monday 3 March 2008

Dress it up

Simple elegance... 'less is more' and Chris has proven it to be the case with this little number.. this is the ATC which has Chris once again creating little works of art in the way of ATC's and I for one am delighted...scroll down the page and on the right hand side under 'great places to visit' click onto Chris it will take you on a journey to see some fantastic digital layouts and under Sunday 2nd March you will see 2 ATC's made by her, both of which, I that is 'ME' actually 'own' along with another 2 she created for me... am I lucky or what!!
Luv Chriss x

Thank you Monday

Lets see, as there were so many who took on the February ATC 'POETRY' challenge that I set, I will just say one huge THANK YOU to all of you.
You know who you are so please take a bow as the standard of the ATC's received is once again... fantastic...look out for them they should be getting posted here to view towards the end of March but by now you will have received your swaps in the post, enjoy.
My thanx also to Tanda Stamps who 'custom made' a stamp for me, I sent in the art work via email at 2-30pm on the Tuesday and the stamp was delivered through my letterbox by 8am the next, how good is that??? BIG thankyou.
Huge thankyou also to CHRIS ROWE who sat with me until 3.15am showing me 'HOW TO' with the making of this blog xx
Thanx Chriss x

Sunday 2 March 2008

Mother's Day Chocolates

As it's Mother's Day here in the UK you are all in for a treat, I thought I would share this box of chocolates with all those mums out there ...( well I am on a diet) but look closely and you will see they are actually inchies created for a challenge I took on at Tanda Stamps in February. We had to complete 16 inchies on the theme of LOVE AND ROMANCE and as I thought chocolates are romantic here is my set.
Chris my crafting pal and blog assistant... hello Chris reckons they look good enough to eat and I must say I tend to agree with her.
Enjoy, as there are no calories in this box.
created by Chriss x

'sweet' sixteen

This is the chocolate I chose from my gorgeous box to let you have a closer look 'me' finx it's scrummy and not a single calorie so no extra 'inchies' on the hips.
Luv Chriss x P.S. back to our Jan swaps later today.

Saturday 1 March 2008

In the name of LOVE

This love.. ly ATC is the creation of Solance Scholey from Her first ever ATC but don't worry as it's not her last, she has already completed our February swap and is working on ''TRANQUILITY'' for the March challenge. Solance tells me she's hooked on them. Thanxxx for taking part. luv Chriss x